By beagle1 - 03/04/2012 15:10 - United States - Knoxville

Today, I met separately with the President and Chairman of the company regarding a product that I'm designing. Each ordered me to do the opposite of whatever the other instructed. FML
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This can only be settled one way: Cage Match. To the death.


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Care to elaborate a little more you two??

Why not do a little of both? I know you can't please everyone, but it can't hurt to try, right?

Maybe... Screw them both? Do a public survey because at the end of the day, the consumers are the ones looking at op's design? Show the survey to the brass

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16 trying to please them both will mean you will fail at both

Agree with the one you met with first. Unless s/he didn't like it.

41 - Holy crap, that's the first time I've seen a relevant, coherent, thoughtful reply in the first comment thread that may actually be useful to the OP. I tip my hat to you, good sir (or madam).

So meet what they both want. Agree with both by doing the opposite.

The chairman of a company usually is simply the greatest shareholder of the company, and proceeds to enhance the company based on public interests. He also is the Senior member in the Board of Directors. The President however, has the power to fire you, and authority to create a structured work plan for the employees. Unless the Chairman was the CEO of the company, I would say that you go with the President, just so that you don't get fired.

U best start making some phonecalls or that shit'll be coming back to bite u like a tonne of bricks. FYL

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Yes #3, please explain this interesting figure of speech.

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*twitch* must resist being a Grammar Nazi......

Put the quotation marks on the word and quote "must"!

30 - you just made me lol so hard...

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#33. Hold down the fort while I figure it out. /s

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Lol which one signs your cheque? That's who you go with lol

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God, I'm embarrassingly, arrogantly illiterate.

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^ Someone will explain what went so wrong with your comment in a moment. In the mean time I'll be busy getting my lawn chair and popcorn ready, and enjoy watching the culture shock and thumbs down you're about to receive.

Wow, I've been spelling it wrong this whole time!

It's color vs. colour. Theatre vs. theater, they're both correct.

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Do both ideas present it to both of them and see which they would prefer.

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If you were a real grammar Nazi, you would have typed out the word two. Just saying.

Every time I look at this guy's profile pic at a glance, I see a swastika...

105- Are you saying that grammar Nazis shouldn't use numbers? Just because someone puts priority over proper grammar doesn't mean they can't use shortcuts to make things easier.

109 - How very arbitrary of you. Formal tone ( Which you gnat-zees seem to worship ) forbids the use of numeric characters in anything but page numbers. So how is "taking a shortcut" by putting numeric characters any different than dropping all vowels or ridiculous phonetic-type short forms ? As is often said by great minds: " the message is more important than the medium ". Hypocrisy at it's finest. Find a new way to feed your ego because you are awful at this one.

115- Taking a shortcut by using a numeral is different from dropping all vowels in the sense that the sentence will still make sense afterwards. Also, I am not doing this to feed my ego. I do this to alert others of their mistakes.

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Well technically you're supposed to spell out any number less than ten. That's what my English teacher always told me :P

Why don't you discuss it with them together

Go with the one with the final say on which products will get mass produced to the public.

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You're screwed unless you can get both of them in the same room for a definitive decision. I say don't stop hounding them until this issue is resolved cause having either one of them as a work enemy can make your life hell.