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Today, I was really excited to get a new bank account in my name. My parents wanted me to have it so they could transfer money from mine to theirs and vice versa. What excited me less was my father drunkenly accessing it and taking all my cash. FML
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Time to get a second account that he can't access, dah'ling.


Mine is set where, my parents can transfer money to and from, but I can't make any transactions. Perhaps OP's is set like that?

How can you not make a transaction from YOUR account?

They might be a minor and it's in their parents name

#16 means they can't take money from their parents account and put it in their own, unless the parent consents for it.

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Twice as much... for inconvenience.

I'd suggest not having an account like that because of situations like this. I'd never have an account where my parents can take my money out of it.

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@#1 one would assume that his father most likely accessed his money and then spent it while drunk, so transferring the money back is not a possibility.

Time to get a second account that he can't access, dah'ling.

my parents use a similar account we have for keeping and randomly taking our money, and i got a second one so that i have a back up. this is a good idea.

Urm if it's in your name don't you get the log in details? That's what I've done since I was 16. My account, my details to log in.

It must have been a joint account. If it wasn't, the whole point of transferring money back in forth would be impractical and maybe not even possible.

I have an account in my name that I use regularly to transfer money to my mom and vice versa. It's not impractical nor impossible. The difference is that you, and you alone, get to decide when you transfer the money out of your account and how much.

I assumed that before OP had some kind of kiddie account in their parents' name and they were excited to finally have one in their own name? And maybe because they were still sorta young they allowed (or were forced to give) their parents access (completely stupid but I could see it happening). I can't see why they'd need a joint bank account...I figure OP's just young and the father's a dick. It is difficult to tell from just the FML though.

Just get it back by transferring it into your account.

I'm guessing this whole thing was your father's idea?

At least this way you have a record of it being taken you can threaten to show your mom.

OP likely is not old enough to have a bank account solely in his/her name. They would have needed a parent be on the account also (at least that's how my bank works). Hopefully you get refunded, or else you're going to have to wait until you can open one on your own.

I've had my own bank account, solely in my name, since I was eight years old. I guess every bank is different. But even if OP's bank is one like mine, maybe the parents just wouldn't allow it...?

If I was you I'd just transfer it back and open up your own that he can't drukenly access, simple :)

This is what I used to do when I had an account like that: I never put money in it so my parents wouldn't know how much I had. Trust no one, especially when it comes to money.