By NoPainNoGain - 05/06/2009 05:03 - United States

Today, while running on the treadmill at the gym, the girl next to me slipped and went flying back against the wall. Indecisive whether to get off and help her or to just keep going, I lost my focus and footing and flew back next to her. FML
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loL! you've got to think a bit quicker

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he broke the ice then, now all he has to do is talk to her lol

and just saying - you should have helped her without even having to think about it. for that, I said ydi.

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haha somewhat like dominoes

agreed, but OP did have a good intention, hopefully...

Exactly! Now you guys have something in common! :D

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Treadmills do not have the power to make u fly back into a wall...ur gravitational pull out-weighs that force.... FAKE! YDI!

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#302 THE_A_Team I've never fallen of a tredmil in 4years, and have never seen someone fall of a tredmil either. If you're falling of tredmils then you fail at life.

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Candace, is that you? You spelled "off" wrong, again.

#304, I've seen people saying "fail at life" to other people who had accidents. Falling off treadmills does not mean you "fail at life", you just had an accident. ...and check your spelling, I recomment spellcheck, or an online dictionary.

This has always been one my fears while running. It hasn't happened in my 4 years of running though yet.

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Thats what i was thinking, perfect time for a pick up line if there ever was one

No kidding. "Well, your mother was at the gym and she lost her footing, ---" BAHA

So many jokes, so little time. I agree with #2, haha.

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You fail at the reply button.

LOL treadmills can be dangerous...I guess