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Today, I realized that potato chips are made from potatoes. I'm 26. FML
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Why the hell did you think they were called potato chips then? YDI, you idiot.

You'd never guess what Beef Burgers are made of..


I can't even find that funny, that's just sad.

so tomato soup is made from carrots? dumbass.

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sounds like somebody dropped the ball raising you.......

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no...sounds like someone dropped op on their head...

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no...sounds like someone dropped op on their head...

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120, haha maybe a combination of both?

Why the hell did you think they were called potato chips then? YDI, you idiot.

hahaha omg seriously?!? you sooo deserved it!!

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oh man soooooooo bad. the real FML is that ou then felt the need to post about it on fml

I do not get what "she deserves". She just didn't know.

exactly our point. looks like you are kida dumb too :)

It's a YDI because you have to be really clueless to not know that. And btw, the gender isn't specified.

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haha at first I thought that YDI ment you dumb idiot. :D

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well,they say lf god didn't have a sense of humor he probabbly wouldn't even had created stupid ppl

maybe its like false advertisment... you dont eat charms in lucky sharms cereal... yuh dont eat baby bottles in babybottle pop... idk i give up YDI

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HAH i think i figuired that out when i was 6 or 7 .. you stupid thing .. bleh

I'm curious, what did you think they were made of before?

I'm curious, what did you think they were made of before?

Hey 206, do you feel better about yourself now?

Calling fake on this, no human is dumb enough to even pretend missing this information is possible

It's ok, I didn't know either. I always wondered why they called it potato chips.

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aaand your an idiot too...I suppose you thought that chocolate chip cookies were made from pickels?

Ohh no, don't join the OP in this idiocy, your making yourself a target as well :o

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I am half awake feeding my baby at 4 am...excuse me for a typo

in that case pickles is also spelled wrong?

13-Lol, it was sarcasm. I thought I made it pretty obvious. I guess not.

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lol thanks dido ....and yes that's why I had a lot of typos ...i did sound pretty dumb I know my was just my first thought when I read it..sorry I thought you were serious...normally I pick up on sarcasm but like o said it was early lol

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I** not "o" ...that might have been where my mistake with "your" went phone didn't pick up the "e" I tried to type and I didn't proof read

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Okay #30 let's not make excuses now.

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it's not an try getting up when your body's not ready and breast feeding and typing on a tiny keyboard..let's see how many mistakes you make...oh that's must be peeerfeeect ..doubt it

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Did you also know that paper is made from trees?

153 - Every morning when I get up, I either respond to missed texts or come on here for some pre-school enjoyment. You know what works for me? Proofreading. I'm not a total idiot and can spot a mistake I've typed even if I am half asleep. Mind you, sometimes if I use an iPod touch, it will correct something for me and I won't notice until after I post. Then again, I can still reply to my incorrect post and correct it. Doesn't sound too hard, right? That's because it's not. You misspelled 'pickles', 'you're', and you didn't capitalize "And". To me, that's more than one mistake and half of those, even with being on an iPod, should have auto-corrected. That tells me either you misspell those words so often the iPod didn't pick up the mistake. If you were typing on a small keyboard on a laptop, you're still at fault. A laptop's keyboard, small or not, is still bigger than phones or iPods.

Apparently the 'edit' function isn't working at the moment. You misspelled* pickles...etc.

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206: I would either take out the "either" or add an "or" clause. In case you didn't notice. =)

I also mentioned, lalalady, that she could have gone back to edit after she CAUGHT the mistake, just like I did. Thank you to the other guy - I did miss that. I was going to add an 'or clause' but lost my train of thought. This is what happens when you try to correct someone; you make the very mistakes you're complaining about (whether you usually make them or not) completely by accident.

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I was thinking the exact same thing.

Well this person is from California...

You'd never guess what Beef Burgers are made of..

Never heard of beef burgers... But hamburgers definitely are made from ham.

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hamburgers are made from beef...

That's because you speak a weird form of English 37... On that note i definitively agree that OP wouldn't have a ******* clue that America doesn't = the world, and wouldn't understand what beef burgers are made from.

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Hamburgers are seasoned with chuck norris's pubes that's y they're so good

I don't really see why there is an American/English discussion here. Hamburgers are called hamburgers because they originated in Hamburg, Germany. Their name became shortened (by pretty much everyone I think) to burger and is now prefixed with beef, cheese, veggie, or whatever else it contains. If no.37 really thinks hamburgers/burgers contain ham s/he is as stupid as OP.

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Sigh.. People can't spot sarcasm anymore.

If you think about it they call them hamburgers? But everything else turkey burger buffalo burger if you THINK about it it could throw ya off a bit.

I agree with 2. what the hell did you think they were made of? kittens?

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you better be kidding me, lol mmm

How did...what did...I can't even begin to understand how you could not know that POTATO chips are made from potatoes. Are there really people that dumb in the world? Our future is screwed!