By RustyGuy - 05/03/2010 18:31 - Canada

Today, while in bed, my nose became runny. Being as tired as I was, I decided to ignore it until the morning. Turns out it was a nose bleed, and my pillowcase is ruined. FML
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RustyGuy tells us more.

To add to the details: 1) The Pillowcase is part of a full set, so if I can't manage to get the blood out... and anyone who has tried removing dried blood knows its friggen hard... It's going to be very hard to find a matching replacement. 2) The reason I was so tired is because I'm an animation student at BCIT, and am working my ass off to finish my demoreel on time. I haven't had a proper nights sleep in quite some time. Still; i probably should have grabbed a tissue.

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why would you deliberately ignore a running nose? that's just disgusting.


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well now u don't have to buy a red pillow case :D

cater2U 0

ew I hate nose bleeds. I've only had one but it sucked.

Menick47 0

Well I've never had a noes bleed but apparently they suck major ass. Dude FYL and mabey you should keep tissue near by, just a thought.

^ These two are weird. People normally have several nosebleeds in their lifetime.

TheRedVendetta 0

so u basically never wash ur sheets? either ur a pig or a liar. either way, i wudnt post like that again if i were u.

pepper3434 0

I haven't ever had a nosebleed... Just a thought, wouldn't you know the difference between a nosebleed and a runny nose? o_O

Nosebleed vs. Nose-Hose Well, I guess a nosebleed is a bit more runny, but since you can't smell the blood it's sorta hard to tell in the dark, when you're sleepy, etc.

Your own blood can be cleaned out with your own saliva. Weather or not you feel it is worth spitting on your pillow that much just to save $8.00 is up to you though. "The more you know"

cater2U 0

you know you get nose bleeds from high blood pressure picking your nose and things right? so how am I weird because I've only had one? I'm not but you are pretty dumb for calling people weird and not knowing the cause.

@73 way to assume I didn't know that... and there are many other causes besides that. It is weird to have only had one bloody nose in your lifetime unless you are a little kid.

I get nose bleeds all the time...especially in the winter when its really dry and whenever the air pressure changes, and i get them when i sleep too. However, unless you sleep face down some of the blood would've went into your mouth, and you should've tasted it and realized it was blood. And like 35 said, just wash it. There are ways to get blood out. Or else buy a new pillowcase for $5...

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I have nose bleeds for no reason all the time. I open the window and a breeze rolls in: I get a nose bleed my alarm goes off as I lay in my bed: I get a nose bleed I eat a grape: I get a nose bleed when Bruce Willis was dead at the end of sixth sense: I get a nose bleed. lol

AnonymousGalifrey 1

oh ******* no just wash it for christ sake you arent going to get ******* aids from yourself you moron

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oh no, you ruined a pillowcase. move on.

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@#85. dude that bruce willis part was hilarious haha

QueenPersephone 9

Shout spray and wash will get it clean. Your life isn't exactly over.

he should have.. I have one once a week.. a runny noes comes out slow.. a nose bleed is hot and drips out your nose fast.. even if ur laying down

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I can always tell. it gets that weird smell and starts rushing down your throat however while sleeping if ur at the right angle it will stop itself

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you have blood stains all over you sheets? sorry but that's effin nasty you need to get you nosed cauterized and you vag sewn up. hopefully you do t have a significant other I would not be ok with that nasty crap.

Vayant 0

#40 I've had several every month.

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omg that happened to me too but i was 4 then

cater2U 0

I'm not a little kid I just don't have my finger in my nose like you because I know that's disgusting.

wash it with cold water and there's no stain. it's the oldest trick in the book ^^

derrickddiazz 0

when u get nose bleeds and u sniff it you can taste a smell that smells like blood

People like me get nose bleeds from blood vessels in our nose to close to the surface which when my nose gets dry and cracks it causes bleeding. Not because I pick my nose or have high blood pressure

Go get a new pillow case. Or stop being so lazy.

jasonsaied 1

no he couldn't have. nosebleeds don't go away that fast he would have had to stay up

Misguided_Ghost 0

you spelled pillow case wrong; dumbshit. (; j/k.

yeah, I've done this a few times, and I never thought "FML". if I deserve it so does OP

he wouldve choked. I get nosebleeds all the time.

skittles222 0

hydrogen peroxide!!! takes out blood :)

dude pillow cases are only like 2 dollars get over it

ad_astra_taurus 2

I would like to know where you get your $2 pillowcases

why would you deliberately ignore a running nose? that's just disgusting.

Maybe OP was really tired due to sports or hard day

why would u do that? ur either a kid or BIGTIME lazy

Or it's time to lay off the coke, cokehead.

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Now thats just naaasty "in a cleveland voice"

LOL i totally heard it in a cleveland voice anyway

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who gives a **** it's a damn pillowcase

Who gives a damn? It's just a ****** up pillow case!

just get some red paint and paint a pattern on the rest of the sheets to match the pillowcase

how is this an fml? its just a pillowcase