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I guarantee that their are a lot of native English speakers would fail an English proficiency test to. You're test was probably just a bit two hard. Just except that you need too study harder and due better next time. Good luck.

Then how did you fail it?!


Then how did you fail it?!

Native speakers tend to have more improper grammar and usages of slang than those that learned a language in an educational environment. Learning a language naturally tends to leave more room for twisting the rules of that language's grammar. Those who learn a language in an educational setting end up learning rules of that language at the same time as they learn the language itself. Natural learning of a language tends to get the language before full understanding of the rules of that language is learned and understood.

TorturedXeno 27

I think OP might be in the military. For certain languages, you can get paid more if you prove your proficiency in speech, listening, and reading is high enough. But that test is very difficult, from what I've heard. Even for natural speakers.

I know this lol. I figured it out after I had posted it, and I thought I had added another comment but I do not know where it went lol.

I don't blame you OP, Russian is a pretty complicated language... Like when it says O you have to read it as A in some cases. If you really live in the US, it's natural to forget your native language, and just cuz you speak it at home or friends it doesn't change anything. I speak my native language at home, but if I took a language test right now, I would fail.

I agree, it's probably a military DLPT test. I use to take those and they can be very specific. The vocabulary can be very targeted and removed from normal conversational language. If the OP learned Russian from speaking at home (and not growing up in Russia), then it's very understandable that he failed the test. But some boning up on military and government vocabulary as well as looking into Russian current events can get him through the second time.

american russian is a whole lot different that russian russian

Yes it is very hard to pass the tests. Most of the time it's incorrectly identifying the language written word because a simple loop or tail or sway of some letters can misinterpreted. Also when it's spoken fast and you don't catch it all it can cause you a lot of trouble in a foreign land.

Because it was actually supposed to be Italian...?

I am Chinese and knew how to speak it fluently but I can't read or write Chinese very well since I was born in Australia.

1st! That sucks OP, FYL for sure

Oh maybe you can try something else.

He said He's NOT getting paid

That's why, my comment about him trying something else.

#4 - you just failed your English test.

#4 your picture looks like Bella from twilight if she had down syndrome

Wait...she DOESN'T have downs syndrome???

That's ironic, because that IS a picture of Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella from Twilight).

Because insulting someone (picture or in person) by using downs syndrome is totally acceptable and not at all insulting to the individuals that have it right? SMH.

#38, I think you mean literacy.

I guarantee that their are a lot of native English speakers would fail an English proficiency test to. You're test was probably just a bit two hard. Just except that you need too study harder and due better next time. Good luck.

Haha, all my grammar peeves in three sentences!

#5 is correct though. Just adding at that.

More like a grammar nazi's untimely brain aneurism.

How many people are twitching, trying desperately not to add a comment editing all the mistakes. (Please don't say "What mistakes?")

Are you serious...?

I love you, Doc. That comment is awesome.

took me a second to realize if this was purposeful or not. well played, sir.

Please tell me you're joking. #27

My thoughts about 27s comment: uh oh, retard alert! retard alert class!!

And I was merely making a south park reference, not being offensive haha

*accept Oh, the irony.

Dammit, Doc! That was the most cringe-worthy paragraph I have ever read!

Zsshamalama - Are you actually serious? THAT was the only mistake you caught? I hope you don't have any English proficiency tests coming up. You'll fail for certain.

#88, if "except" is all you can find wrong with that, you need a rethink as a Grammar Nazi.

Ha! I see what you did there. Nicely done.

I see what you did there

DocBastard! You strike again and this time you're making me twitch, damn you!

You should have misspelled "guarantee" as well. That error drives me crazy.

Your comment, though amusing caused me actual physical pain. ;)

Ow. Thanks for hurting me, Doc.

Not soo good at English yourself, are you? Lol

I see what you did there.....

And, you'd fail for using too*, your*, too*, to*, and do* incorrectly.

A bit TWO hard? Really/

When I started reading your comment, I was like "Da fuck is this shit?", but then halfway through I was like "Ohhh...haha..."

It's accept not except.

Please for the love of god, be trolling.

Your comment. Please. No.

DocBastard, you're my hero

The irony of this post makes my brain hurt.

All of you guys saying I see what you did there, it's Eye sea what you did their. Gosh.

You must be speechless. GET IT

Dude how many of these are there, I yes I "get it"

Wow dude, try to be a little sympathetic


That's understandable I mean there are people in my school who fail English tests after all but still FYL

You failed the test and it's your first language. It doesn't make sense. I mean, unless you were (wait for it) Russian through it! :D No? Ok.

Better than #6 joke at least

#8, to the contrary, he was probably Stalin for time :)

Yet he still got bad Marx.

I hope you can take it again, but dont feel bad many native english speakers can pass English exams!

I think you mean can't. I take it you're (with an apostrophe) one of those who couldn't pass their (possessive) English exams.

There is a line between laziness and stupidity, sadly it's crossed so much on the Internet people don't bat an eyelid. My way of thinking is, don't use words you can't spell. Then we'll know the reasonably intelligent from the braindead.

I try to write or speak online like I would in my daily life... There is no reason to be lazy on the internet.

What kind of autocorrect doesn't put an apostrophe in 'don't'? I don't know about you, but I tend to read through what I write online in case I've made a stupid typo. Plus, might I take the phrase "I couldn't care less" for example - Americans usually say, "I could care less", which really undermines the point (see the David Mitchell video "dear Americans" if you really care). I was presuming this was yet another example of people not knowing the difference between positive and negative statements, not just a simple typo.

Don't worry There are people who fail English tests at my school

Why are there numbers next to our pictures?