By deadman - United Kingdom - Market Harborough
Today, I'm having heart surgery. The doc came in, donut in one hand and papers in another. While I was filling them out, his hands kept trembling, and he dropped the donut on the floor. He fumbled to pick it up and kept eating. The guy I'm entrusting my life to doesn't even respect the five-second rule. FML
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Am I the only one wondering what heart sugery is?

  eXangelice  |  15

In my experience, many older cardiac surgeons have a familial tremor... The heart really isn't as delicate as many people think. I have seen some impressive tremors, but have yet to see an operation turn out badly because of them.

  LN666  |  2

dont be too stressed about the tremour. I work with doctors & they are some of THE best surgeons. Im sorry to hear you are having/had heart surgery. best of luck!

By  ticklmypickl  |  0

It takes around thirty seconds for any bacteria to transfer. Chill.


You realize that any bacteria that would "transfer" to the doughnut would already be on you anyway because you touch the floor every second? So, isn't this debate quite pointless?

  ladyLALAA  |  28

I saw a show that said dropping moist ingredients bacteria transfers in under 1 second, dry ingredients three and under. Not sure how correct but what if it was a tim tam!

  DocBastard  |  38

The 5-second rule is a myth and nothing more. Bacteria transfer on contact. Full stop.

johngaltmovement - The bacteria in your mouth are different than the ones on the floor that can make you sick. You do have gut immunity (google "secretory IgA") which protects you somewhat, but not against everything.

  22cute  |  17

True transfer is instantaneous and true bacteria is everywhere. But a hearty immune system is improved by the occasional bacteria challenge. :)
Eat it anyway!

  comment11111  |  39

Yeah, imagine this:
Bacteria 1: "Don´t hop on that bagel, it has not been on the ground for 5 seconds, yet!"
Bacteria 2: "Yeah, sure. I´ll wait 2 seconds..."

  jessica051085  |  5

medical facility floors are likely more dangerously dirty due to the disproportionate number of seriously ill people that are on them... Bacteria and viruses don't crawl onto dropped food, they are transferred immediately upon contact... , not 30 seconds or even 5 seconds, instantly

  2oc  |  5

It was a : face but yeah, the 20% warning popped up as i went to hit send. Im surprizsed i did that well trying to type on an ipod

By  perdix  |  29

A heart surgeon that eats donuts at work, has trembling hands and eats shit off the floor?

You'd be better off using happy thoughts or acupuncture to fix your bad ticker than having this clown crack you open.

  perdix  |  29

It's not just that the doctor likes donuts -- it's just the sheer bad taste of eating them in front of a patient who likely is there because of eating too many donuts.