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Today, I was sitting the living room, when my mom commented on the smell of garlic in the air. After ten minutes of searching for the source, she gave up. I was too embarrassed to admit that I'd tried using garlic to cure my yeast infection. FML
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HairyPunisher 27

I wonder if Bella did that. It would explain why Edward Cullen avoided sex with her for so long.

perdix 29

Put some flour and some butter in your pants. It won't cure anything, but garlic bread you'll make will be delicious!


HairyPunisher 27

I wonder if Bella did that. It would explain why Edward Cullen avoided sex with her for so long.

lorenzoman77 7

Oh, that comment is just gold. Bravo to you sir, *applause.

#1 Don't bring twilight here, it's gay.

HairyPunisher 27

Thanks 19. I hope I made the first comment memorable. ;-)

theslimshadylp 6

Great comment I hate twilight

KiddNYC1O 20

That comment was worthy of ass-kissing. Beautiful.

HairyPunisher 27

I can't stand Twilight either. I hate it when people get all whiny and say "How can you know Twilight sucks if you haven't read it?" Well I did read the books solely so I can say they suck. I wish I could have the month of my life I spent on the four books back. But back to the FML, yeah ewww, what was OP thinking?

HelloGuys 4

I actually think twilight is a good movie & imma guy

67, There's really no point in doing something if you're going to go into it already determined to have a terrible time. Once you do that, it won't Matter if what you were doing was actually enjoyable, you're just going to ignore the good parts and focus on the bad. Never go into something expecting to hate it, because if you expect to hate it, you usually will, even if it's actually not so bad.

HairyPunisher 27

77, you're absolutely right. I actually tried editing my last comment to clarify. I gave the books a chance and didn't go into them with a "these books will suck" attitude. There were elements I did like but it was just overshadowed by what I viewed to be sexism if you read between the lines of the plotlines of all four books. I respect anyone's opinion on the books, I was simply stating my own. And word to the wise, baking soda panties would absorb the yeast infection.

axelrave 3

Good for you. I'm so glad we know that HelloGuys loves twilight AND is a guy. Thanks.

This statement is false because that only applies to vampires. Not sparkling posers. But in all seriousness, Twilight is just all around a bad read. She graduated college in Literature and used the word "Handsomer." Now, I could point at the Editors for not catching her mistakes (which they should have so it's half their faults) but she should know better.

Rin_deviluke 3

Final someone that has not fallen pray to the curse!

citymayer 7

It took you a month to read all four books? It took me less than a week... Idk what this says about either of us...

HairyPunisher 27

I was working 40 hours a week and was a full time student. I had too many things going on to just dedicate all my time to Stephanie Meyers lol

dissention 4

No, I'm pretty sure the fact that he is gay is why it took so long.

HairyPunisher 27

154, What do you need help understanding?

It took me a year and a half for the first two, I haven't finished the third. -.-"

yomama97 5

I favorited this just for the first comment. Well done.

rebellionwars 11

You're clearly ignorant cause that's not the reason.

kut17 11

Well, I think it's safe to say I'll never eat garlic again.

Yup. This adds a whole new meaning to the term eating pu-... You know what, never mind.

Is this an actual myth? I've never heard of this one.

perdix 29

Put some flour and some butter in your pants. It won't cure anything, but garlic bread you'll make will be delicious!

thundergirl_fml 2
Trisha_aus 15

Good thing I was in the bathroom while reading this..

Great, now I want garlic bread and marinara sauce.

thank you. for that lovely mental picture...

lans4 1

The marinara sauce must be a monthly special.

b0ngs 7

I was doing ok until I read 46's comment. *gag*

Plus, she'll already have the yeast to make the bread

Stoopid_life 2

Yes! And we could name it 'just a little some thing I made in my pants',and on the ad...well that's getting a little too weird :/

89... that was the point of the original comment.

flutter4 7

How much garlic did you use for the smell to be that strong?

Typically I think they recommend using a clove. And 84, without ******'s none of us would be around. Crazy right? Have your parents not given you the "where do babies come from" speech yet?

91's comment goes so well with his picture.

anonymous100000 17

you could just be a normal person and tell her and go to the doctor for some legitimate aid...idiot

I'm probably just some ignorant american but... is "chemist" some sort of slang for pharmacist or something? You're not the first to say it.

GovernorGeneral 8

Ya i think in British they say chemist instead of pharmacist. I remember it from somehwere but i forget where. Dx

simplylost643 0
Kinder93_fml 3

Eh, we say both chemist and pharmacist, both are acceptable really. Shops themselves may have "Chemist" or "Pharmacist" on the title of the shop.

In Australia we say both chemist and pharmacist, doesn't really matter which one they are both the same.

well at least you didn't EAT the garlic. geez that would of been weird....

Since when does garlic cure yeast infections?

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courtneyann211 10

42- it is a topical remedy. As well as plain Greek yogurt. Both are recommended to pregnant women who have a yeast infection since there aren't many meds that are safe for them to use.

Sometimes natural remedies are a last resort for women with yeast infections. The yeast can become immune to the various anti-fungal treatments. And perhaps OP is pregnant, which can mean constant, painful and very bad yeast infections, where the only treatment is the canesten internal cream, which only makes it go away for a little while. In that case I really wouldn't blame OP for turning to natural remedies.

It sounds awful but literally put a peeled garlic clove in the ****** overnight and it will cure a yeast infection.

flutter4 7

It's a home remedy to cure them

Life_is_FML 22

I had a yeast infection once when I was younger. Pure, vicious agony. You can't do anything because if the pain. If you are pregnant, you can't use a lot of medicines so I don't blame her for trying a home remedy. Garlic is supposed to work

Let's hope there aren't any vampires in your family.

RobinKCS 9

Even if there were vampires in her family, what would they be doing down there? O.o

80- based on your user name, you're speaking from experience.

It's a funniest area to suck the blood, at least the victim dies happy.

DollyDope 17

And just what did you do with all of this garlic?