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Today, I'm babysitting three children under the age of seven. They have no discipline, don't listen, scream all the time, won't nap, terrorize my dog, and have peed their pants a collective 5 times today. I am not getting paid for this. Their mother has no plans to come get them any time soon. FML
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why did u agree to it in the first place.

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YDI for not doing it for no reason. I mean I would understand if it were your mom


why did u agree to it in the first place.

Totally agree. Why are you doing this if ur not getting paid? Unless these are your younger brothers and sisters acting like this and your mom is a deadbeat than YDI. If the scenario I described is true then FYL, but why are you on FML? Your younger sibling is probably pissing their pants again.

release them into the wild, they will learn the ways of the wild and start worshiping a boars head. until one child, most likely a the fattest one, angers the rest and is crushed with a boulder.

slip a bit of vodka into their drinks then into some soup. and give them some sugar cookies with a bit of arsenic sprinkled on top

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holy ****, I read that as moron... I need to sleep.

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yes please do before you hurt other around you and make yourself look like a moron.

Of course his dog is naked #56. Don't you see the $20 in it's mouth? A special breed of dog "chi-stripper-huahua". :)

slitherbomb - uhh... what is she supposed to be grateful for??

takes the nyquil. Whooooooop!!!! z z z z z z z z z z

Or better yet what about she gives them nyquil.

#10 - Lol, it sounds like they wouldn't need a conch though. Who needs democracy symbolised in a shell when you can just SCREAM!

Seriously just tell her to come home bec ur leaving.

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OP, Just leave them by themselves. Lock the door, Call the parent and tell them that they locked you out and they got into something bad and just leave That'll teach that bitch to not pay you and not get back home in time

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Call child services and have them take the kids.

Man, I would kill myself xD rofl. FYL. I cannot stand little kids :/

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suicide is always an option!

why hurt yourself when THEY'RE the fukups!? solution: lock one up in the bathroom, another in the closet, and just stare at the third till they get the point. exchange every hour or the third hour you'll have all of them quietly watching tv and fetching you popcorn. believe me, it works=)

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YDI for not doing it for no reason. I mean I would understand if it were your mom

Close friend? Neighbour? *shrugs*

Depending on the age of OP, they could be relatives.

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Lock them in a closet. No closet? A cupboard will work. No cupboard? hopefully you have a washing machine and dryer. Don't have that either? Large trash bag.

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Don't have a good lawyer? Don't do any of these.

this is an FML and a YDI. yeah it sucks but why the hell would you agree to do it in the first place?

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I would have only agreed to this if they were blood related to me. That is ridiculous. I would lose it. I'd probably tell their mom off too when she got home.

I'd expect to get some form of recompense for looking after little hellions like that even if they were blood related to me. Is my family the only one who pays for 'care' favours done by the teenagers or something?

how is it a care favour if it's paid for? That's not what a favour is.

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In high school I used to babysit my nephew once a week and never got paid, nor expected to be paid. He wasn't a hellion but he's definitely a handful and likes to test his boundaries. Now he's 4 1/2 and they have a 2 year old that's apparently harder to handle than he was. I'm in college out of state or I'd still babysit. I feel bad for my sister in law sometimes since she's a stay at home mom lol.

@87: You never had to look after my quadraplegic father. He's an irritating git who needs a lot of looking after. I was paid £5 per evening, if we didn't have a massive arguement.

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lol you expect kids to have discipline and listen to you? At least you're getting good practice scrubbing their tightie whities. You can do mine next

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actually yes. I was quite well mannered at my age. no yelling, crying, peeing in my pants, etc. I grew up and became more rebellious but I am still mannered.

I'd just attach them to a pole in the backyard. kids are annoying I prefer dogs.

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dude, I thought your pic was of a weird shaped head at first. :) It took me a sec to realize it wasn't lol!

haha I don't blame her, leaving those monsters with you op. who knows... she might not come back to reclaim them :)

yeah mums gone kiddo. I would cut your loses and hire the kids out for coal mining

*losses. Grammar Nazis have me paranoid