By tannerpaul
  Today, I went to the hospital as my girlfriend's emergency contact. When I saw her, she was under a blanket because she had no pants. She had a seizure in a guy's bed and he brought her here. He's here and she wants us both to stay. FML
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  SunshineBoy21  |  0

You are all missing the point. Everyone is saying dump her, leave her, punch her, punch him - but, if he does that he'll get caught on the hospital's cameras. If he acts concerned and stays by her side, he looks like a hero and an amazing man. That way when they all leave the hospital and he kills them both and chops them into little pieces - he won't be a suspect because the hospital staff will recall how loving and caring he was. lol

  maa_rico  |  4

but punching her in the ovaries would mean he has to fist her pussy first, reach all the way to her ovaries and voila! punch her in the ovaries, it is genius because first he gives her pleasure the he hurts her, you little evil genius you.

By  Hard_Luck_Aussie  |  4

kinda funny but also not so funny I had a girl few years back that had seizures never had one in bed with me but had them at my house and while out with me, also had one while in bed with a mate of mine after we broke up

  Colin466  |  0

Make sure she never can never have sex again! Put some superglue on her dildo(Get her one if she doesn't have one) then stick it up her cooter! Cork that bitch!

By  dunner12  |  0

lucky guy, I'd just hang on and ride it out. I know it's called the rodeo when your hitting a girl from behind, reach up, cup her breasts, say "wow these feel just like your sisters" and see how long you can hold on. I don't know what this is call... the electric bed??