By Terra - 19/11/2016 05:14

Today, I logged on Facebook and saw my friend who'd been engaged, then broke the engagement, then got back together announce their new wedding date: three days before my wedding. She also sent me a message asking if I'd move my date. We've been planning our wedding for two years. She got engaged six months ago. FML
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You know, if you smack her around now, there'd be time for the bruising to set in, so she could be your something blue! Two birds, one stone!

How incredibly selfish of her


TeacherTeacher 11

Your friend is a drama queen. Tell her no.

Why would you move your date? Your wedding is three days after hers! Unless It's regarding the honeymoon, but still, don't let her steal your thunder!

Simple solution: "No, I will not move my wedding date."

I hope you are not willing to and if she complains about how "inconsiderate" you are, tell her she is the inconsiderate one. Whether or not she remembered your wedding date when she decided when to have it does not matter. It is more of the fact that she thinks everyone's lives should revolve her.

I don't think she deserves the label "friend". "Oh let me just push your life moment out the way for mine" - you have to be a high level of pathetic to pull that. Don't change your date. That would be ridiculous. You should probably also re-think if this person is worth calling a "friend". She definitely doesn't act like one, nor does she deserve privileges of one.

monyluv1 13

I agree with everyone. This is not a FRIEND. She's jealous of you, in some form or fashion, and feels the need to outdo you so she can have the spotlight. Real friends support you and help you along the way to the altar, not ask you to move your wedding date. Please don't do this. The mark of a "good" friend is not this; no matter how eloquently she words her proposal to you.

That would be when you say no and explain why, and if she still pushes, you push her. Off a bridge. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, just tell her what you're feeling. Tell her you feel it's unfair of her to ask that of you, because of the circumstances you mentioned here, and express that you are not going to change something you've had planned for that long for her sake. If she's a really friend, she'll understand. If not, she isn't worth being friends with. No true friend would try to force you to inconvenience yourself and your loved ones for them.

Not just a bitch, but an egocentric "nothing matters but me" fucking bitch.

Yeah, that's a no. Doesn't seem like a very good friend. You might be better off without her, OP!