By Anonymous - 9/1/2021 08:01

Traditions suck

Today, I found out the girl who ghosted me a month ago is engaged. Not only is she engaged, but she is in an arranged marriage. And not only is she going to be married, but she still has feelings for me. FML
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  kfchicken_fml  |  31

I mean I feel for the guy, this sucks for him too. Its a lot worse for her for sure but seeing someone you like 1 with someone else, and 2 against their will skins heartbreaking

By  EVR  |  8

Doesn't she have human rights? Can't she back out of the marriage? It's her life not her parents or her in-laws. She should've have a say in that. Tell her that you still want to be with her

  Bogrbon  |  23

In many cultures, arranged marriages are normal. People I know who've been married in arranged marriages do generally get to say no, but the parents still pick the potential partners to accept or decline.

In more traditional families, there is huge cultural pressure to accept such an arranged marriage, even when they move to western countries where there is no strict requirement. Social pressure can be a huge motivating factor. (Would you feel pressure if your parents, siblings, and friends would all disown you for such a decision).

Though worse, in many countries, in some families they don't really even get the choice, and their human rights don't really play into the equation. It's often not legal sanctioned, but the law doesn't really matter to some people. OP doesn't say where they live.