By Bribri - United States

Oh, hai Mark!

Today, my mom's "hobby" of rescuing homeless people became very real. We now have 3 more people living in our house, and none of them have a sense of personal space. I wake up to their faces in my windows. Thanks mom. FML
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  BioRocks  |  0

Exactly. Depending on the age of the OP, Child Protective Services might need to get involved. If Mom insists on exposing her child to a dangerous situation, someone should intervene. If the OP is over 18, Mom might be doing it to get the kid out of the house!

By  pinkkloverr  |  0

ummmm... that's extremely awkwardddd. haha even more creepy than the crazy ladies that randomly show up at this house.... lmfao this house is like a magnet for crazy people that just randomly end up in this part of the town.

By  BelaLugosisdead  |  0

I would suggest talking to your mom about it. Tell her what's going on and calmly inform her that the local homeless shelter is always looking for volunteers. They probably are very grateful to your mother for allowing them to have a roof over their heads. Give them a chance before you start attacking your mom over it. But tell them that there are boundaries and such thing as personal space and then if that doesn't work, they're called blinds or curtains you know.

Good luck though.

By  wordgirl  |  0

I'd say that I'm one of the more sympathetic people toward the homeless, but even I draw the line at bringing them into our home. It's just too dangerous, because the causes of homelessness are varied and very infrequently related to laziness (as people tend to believe). More often it's mental illness and addiction that puts folks on the street. Watch your own back, OP; it seems as though your mom is not doing it for you.

By  baby_gurl2405  |  0

ok thats acctualy kind of disturbing! homeless people in your house? I think you really need to talk to your mum about this ( with the doors shut and locked and curtains pulled) tell her how you feel waking up to eyes on you. You could be scared or life from this!!! :P

By  jisatsu  |  0

hmm homeless people living in a house, are they still considered homeless or just found a way to beat the system? And got some peeping action. I think this is a homeless WIN!