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Today, I lied to my crush telling him I can play the piano. To 'prove' it, I recorded a video on my phone of a girl playing a beautiful piece. After I sent it, I realized my mouse cursor was in the center of the page the entire time. FML
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why would you lie about something like that? Oh, I know, because he would NEVER find out about it of course when he would go to your place and ask you to play a piece. -next time when you lie about something make sure nobody can find out now or later YDI


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So tell him that that girl's your inspiration! That'll save you from two embarrassments: your inability to play the piano, and your crush on him. :D

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who axually plays the piano????

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I play the piano. and what's wrong with playing the piano... nothing and OP really this is a really lame fml you couldve avoided this by not lying

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Oooooooooh..good idea HanBan..I think that OP is too dumb to think of something like that, hense her telling her "crush" that she plays the piano. WOW

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@45 playing the piano takes a lot of skill and then to actually be good at it, takes even more skill. it's actually pretty difficult. having said that, I find females that have that skill to be quite attractive :-)

"Who AXUALLY plays the piano?" People who can spell the word "a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y."

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@ # 45, who doesn't play the piano? OP, you're silly and your idea was a stupid one. If you really want a relationship with the guy, starting off with a lie probably isn't the smartest thing.

72 = win. silly 45 and 98, no need to be jealous.

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really? because I play the piano, and I think its hilarious. I especially love it when people who just play the notes, and haven't studied with a professional school, and have no talent, claim that they "play", its really funny watching them try and fail:) It's even funnier then when people lie like the OP (not saying that anyone here is one of the talentless masses, just thought someone here would understand and also finds it amusing when that happens)

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By the way, I've never had any lessons - yet I can play halfway as decent as some of the famous pianists. You're apparently ignorant of those who are prodigies and can simply pick up an instrument, start playing.

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agree with 1. Op you could have altleast tryed learning to play it after all you told him you play the piano you never said you played the piano good.

And this makes the OPs life ****** because...?

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To a girl her life can feel pretty ****** when she was trying to impress a guy she likes and it turns out bad. At the second she realises he knows she is lieing, in her head he is laughing at her in a negative way, even if he isn't actually in real life. Her life is ****** just for awhile considering his chances of liking her goes down lol. OP- Sorry your plan didn't work out, but that isn't the way to impress him, try being yourself. Its not worth finding out later you hate the real person and only liked the lies.

@45 i play piano. every single person in my family

nive to know half my comment showed up

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agreed:) but you could say it was a video of yourself on YouTube...

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ITT: Idiots professing their love for a percussion instrument they may not even know how to play.

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OP, you deserve it for being a poser. First learn how to play, THEN go bragging about it. I look forward to a future FML from you where you talk about how he asked you to play and you didn't know squat. Ha.

OP you could have said it was an old video of you that was on your computer? but you still deserve it

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lol u can't be for real u play the piano

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wow ydi for lying and most guys don't really care about piano

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why lie to them if u like them they might ask for a live preformance, then ur screwed....ydi for being a poseur

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This story is just further proof that the main difference between MLIA and FML is a sense of humour.

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totally agree, that's what you get for lying to impress someone. be yourself, eventually someone equally lame will come along for you!

Axually? *Actually. And I do. Millions of people do.

i believe I have seen this exact FML before.

yea but some of us haven't been watching everyday for new fml's, so we don't even notice this.

ydi for having a crush on someone you haven't met in person. and everyone, read carefully, she makes it obvious they haven't met in person. otherwise he wouldve known the video wasn't of her, even if the pointer wasn't there. and it wouldn't make sense to send a video if they actually knew each other. he would just ask her to show him, and then she would have been caught lying.

I've been playing the piano for 3 years, and getting good :P OP: you could say that was you and it was already recorded so you just the already recorded version of you if that makes sense

why would you lie about something like that? Oh, I know, because he would NEVER find out about it of course when he would go to your place and ask you to play a piece. -next time when you lie about something make sure nobody can find out now or later YDI

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Your a sorry piece of crap. Learning how to play would be your best bet. Sometimes I wish there was a "Why in the right mind would you be so idiotic?" button.

No, for this one there needs to be a "Not an FML" button.

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Exactly what I was thinking. At some point he will come over to her house and be surprised by the lack of piano if she is so talented, or if they have one, ask her to play. Then he'll probably just be upset she lied to him for no reason in the first place. At least you can feign interest or knowledge in a subject he likes, like renaissance art or something, but why would you fake a talent you do not possess?

whether this is true or not... -_- that's just pathetic, no joke. seriously, how old are you?5? lol you don't need to lie to get a guy to like you ffs. if they don't like you for who you are, they can go jump. karma for lying. ydi.

that's exactly what everyone inamerica needs to learn

Why would you be such a dooche? Agee #3 btw... Why do people lie about stupid stuff like this.. >.<

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Bravo OP.. Bravo *clap... clap... clap*

why would you lie about that? That's just silly.