By C.Neyy - 21/02/2010 07:04 - United States

Today, I hung out with the guy I've liked for the first time in 3 years. And when he left, I gave him a hug, he pushed me, I tripped, and hit my head into the wall. Then to save his embarassment, pushed me over onto the couch and pretended to rape me. FML
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L0lCney tells us more.

He accidently pushed me, its not like he ment to do it. I hugged him, my leg was caught behind the arm rest on my chair, And I fell onto the arm rest, & hit my head on the wall, HARD. He grabbed my head saying sorry, then pushed me onto the couch & "fake raped" me cause all my friends were laughing. I think he was just trying to make the situation better, it didn't though. At all. I haven't talked to him since. :/


u liked for three years and he pretended to rape u come on it's not rape if u enjoy it

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exactly. don't act like you didn't enjoy the fake rape. dream come true

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isn't rape, like, illegal? was he trying to get arrested?

1 is right. This kid is confused. Leave him alone. How is fake rape less embarrassing than tripping?

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it's R-A-P-E, get your hands off of me!

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or R-A-P-E! get the **** away from me!

it's not rape if you yell surprise first.

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It's 'Stop! Don't touch me there! This is my danger square! R-A-P-E get your hands up offa me, you perv!'

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if you're talking about what to yell you're supposed to yell "fire" sad but true

R-A-P-E get your hands away from me! NO! Don't touch me there! Those are, my NONO Squares!!!

keep ur hands away from me hey don't touch me thier that's my private square

@60: It's not rape if he yells "SURPRISE"

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isnt it, R-A-P-E , get the **** away from me ?

it's R-A-P-E get ur thingy out of me! STOP don't touch me there this is my private square!

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the way I heard it was no-no square :)

Stop, don't touch me there that is my private square r-a-p-e that is what you do to me rape -moan-

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stop right there this is my private square R A P E get the **** away from meee xD

Why do people always reply to the 1st comment so they can be first. just comment on the actual FML

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STOP! Don't touch me there! That is my private square! R-A-P-E! I don't want you raping me!

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STOP don't touch me there, this is my private square R-A-P-E get your hands up off of me RAPE! That's how it goes

this is how it rlly goes: R-A-P-3 GET THAT 2 inch AWAY FROM ME OR I CUT IT OFF AND EAT IT!!!

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Today I went on a date with this girl I like...when she went to give me a hug I jokingly pushed her away only resulting in her tripping and falling then hitting her make things less awkward all I could think of doing was to pretend to rape her....fml

huh, fake rape? what is "fake rape" LMAO

I'm thinking the same thing. How does pretending to rape you save embarrassment?

I have no idea what that means maybe she hit her head a little too hard.

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Me, neither. But I think the most confused person here is the OP herself. Who can think "pretend rape" can be used to "save embarrassment?" It is nuts. The good news is that I can just jump to the next FML and move on.

Wouldn't pretending to rape you be more embarrasing?

Yeahhh..that's what I was thinking. Also, if she really liked this kid, it wasn't a rape..she probably enjoyed it. See where I am getting at?

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oh yes I tripped so.. now I guess I'm goin to act like I'm raping you to save my rep which is apparently dwindled to nothing if my next option is 'fake rape'. like, really, what happens after that? he 'fake rapes' you and then just gets up and shuffles away? REALLY?

#59, that's... Not how rape works. Rape is unwanted forced *******. OP likely didn't want to **** the guy yet, so any attempts would have been unwanted and forced. Is this clear?

Uhh I think it would look more wrong if she fainted while the guy fake raped her? Yeaaa.