By hugs511 - United States
Today, I spent my date night babysitting. After waiting three hours later than I was supposed, the mother finally gets home at 11, too late for me to get out and have any fun. Already annoyed, I take the money as she says, "I hope this is enough, I got hungry and spent some of your money." FML
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you deserve it cos you r so bloody selfish how dare you tell me not to judge you i will if i want get out of my life you bitch i hope she gave you hardly any money at all i bet you beat those kids up as well dont you you cow



Jesus lady, chill the fuck out. Just because you have some sort of bizarre vendetta against this person doesn't mean you should lash out on a FML. It makes you look like a psycho.

#38 is probably right.

  Rouge_Plague  |  0

Agreed! Grammar makes you look smarter instead of "you deserve it cos you r so"
The Grammar Nazis will strike down those with improper grammar.
*Hears marching sound*

By  SimpleSimon  |  0

If it's really that big a deal, just tell her. "Sorry, actually we agreed (however much) and it's not really fair to under pay me". As for her being late, yeah that sucks, but are you telling me you've never kept anybody waiting at their inconvenience?


But three hours late is a problem. For babysitters under 18, that can cause legal trouble because some towns have curfews and the mother's tardiness might leave the girl in a bad situation.

  666midnight  |  0

where does it say anything about drugs?!
Basically the OP was gonna go out after babysitting and parents were meant to get back at 8 but got back 11 and she couldn't go out
Then she got underpaid because the mother spent some of the money on food.
That so hard to understand? lol

  Nooblah  |  15

104, this may be just me, but when people tell people to "Go back to school", I expect them to use proper grammar while doing so. Go back to school.

By  fucked_up_bigtim  |  0

i just got confused wid comment #6. sorry guys im kinda new to this.. n havent seen this kinda stuff happening in my country. here, people dont even babysit and stuff.. all i know is what i have been seeing in movies.

  laleyla  |  0

that's a good point, should have thought of that :)

but seriously, 10 pm? that's so early. I didn't know that it was like that in the US. here it is 12 for everyone older than 16, and in some clubs/bars you can also stay as long as you want to because they either don't check or you are accompanied someone older who is "in charge" of you. but we are also allowed to get wasted as soon as we are 16 :)