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Today, like every year, my next-door neighbors started setting off their fireworks at exactly midnight. Also, like every year, the sensitive car alarm belonging to another neighbor has gone off with every firework. It's been almost six hours of nonstop alarms and explosions. FML
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File a noise complaint with local law enforcement.

"Bottle rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that the prick was still there; O! say does that car alarm's sound have huge waves O'er the land of the free, ruining the sleep that you crave?"


That sounds gloriously patriotic. Embrace the freedom!

File a noise complaint with local law enforcement.

I hate people like you. We are celebrating our freedom. If you don't like it go to another country with no freedom and see how lucky we are. There are also things called noise cancelling headphones try them

I don't agree with 17 in the slightest, however good luck getting law enforcement out for a noise violation on the 4th.

Yeah instead of noise complaint, i would suggest starting their house on fire. better chance of getting cops to come for a burning building.

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The truth is, you really can't do anything about the fireworks. You could ask your neighbor to turn off his car alarm since those can be deactivated.

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17, there are things called "noise ordinances" that have designated times for "quiet hours" - times may be slightly different depending on where you live but it's very rare that any start at midnight. OP's neighbors are breaking the law and that thing you said about freedom? OP has freedom, too - freedom to not have to deal with a jerk neighbor that sets off a bunch of fireworks at an inappropriate time, freedom to sleep at a normal time when most people would be sleeping. Also, there's this thing called common courtesy that most people have where, out of respect for your neighbors, would not be doing something that requires excessively loud noise at an inappropriate time.

In my town there are set hours for fireworks. If you are outside those hours, you're likely to be ticketed. Or warned at the very least.

I love how people like you act like America is the only country with freedom

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Depends on where they live. Where I live if you're not in the city limits there is no ordinance

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Also it's been six hours. OP has every right to file a noise complaint. It's not like oh it's been 5 minutes I'm calling the cops, this is six hours of non stop fire works and a car alarm. After such a long period of time I would be calling the cops too. They've had their celebration fun, now it's just going over board.

There is celebration of freedom, and then there is being a ******* asshole. Six hours beginning at midnight is ******* overkill, especially considering that people have to work in the morning since not everyone gets the 4th off.

Better fireworks and car alarms than gun shots

At least the gunshots would probably stop after a couple minutes because the shooters would be running, unless op is in the ghetto where cops don't want to go.

"Bottle rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that the prick was still there; O! say does that car alarm's sound have huge waves O'er the land of the free, ruining the sleep that you crave?"

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Call the cops and tell them your neighbors are setting off dangerous explosives nearby. That will get the cop there in a snap.

go over there and shove his fireworks up his ass

Along with calling in a noise complaint, if this is an ongoing thing (you said "like every other year") maybe look up if your homeowner's association or neighborhood watch or whatever local neighborly governing committee there is has specific guidelines on noise levels and partying and all that. Of course, this only works if you live in nonfictional Stars Hollow type town, if you're in a big city or just a non-civic-minded community you're sunk, but still, you could look into it.

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It doesn't only work "if you live in a nonfictional Stars Hollow type town" - I lived in a big city and, guess what, my townhouse association had rules againat noise levels, starting at 10 during the week, 11 on weekends. Same goes for where I live now from a different townhouse association. I think you need to do some research on how noise level laws/ordinances and the like actually work.

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If one or two nights is worthy of an fml, then you have a pretty good life. Grow up and enjoy your freedom that's being celebrated!