By Anonymous - / Thursday 29 October 2009 05:15 / Australia
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  cre8or99  |  0

ok I get it now she got the tattoo on her wrist and while she was in the shower she got a shock (a shock like when u rub the carppet with socks on and touch someone) she then looked down at her wrist and saw the spider/Scorpion and thinking it was real and what bit her she got scared and fell

your welcome


Actually, I think OP means she forgot about the tattoo and when she saw it she thought it was a spider and that shocked her (as in surprised not literally shocked) causing her to slip.

  yehr  |  0

she probably forgot about it then saw it out of the corner of her eye and her first would be spider cause they're more common. LMAO this made me cack!!!

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