By Anonymous - 29/10/2009 05:15 - Australia

Today, I got a free temporary tattoo of a scorpion in a packet of potato chips and decided to wear it on my wrist. Whilst I was in the shower, I got a shock, thinking it was a spider. I then lost balance and slipped, banging my head on the faucet. FML
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AliMarie 0

That is undoubtedly the worst tattoo ever worn by anyone ever.


AliMarie 0

The only explanation I can find is that she used too much LSD which caused the scorpion to become a real spider.

mac222 0

her life is so pathetic she added that so we didn't think she was a complete idiot

needsagf14 12

they thought it was a spider on their wrist where the scorpion was

cre8or99 0

ok I get it now she got the tattoo on her wrist and while she was in the shower she got a shock (a shock like when u rub the carppet with socks on and touch someone) she then looked down at her wrist and saw the spider/Scorpion and thinking it was real and what bit her she got scared and fell your welcome

ZombieFetus322 5

Actually, I think OP means she forgot about the tattoo and when she saw it she thought it was a spider and that shocked her (as in surprised not literally shocked) causing her to slip.

haha ... time you knew the difference between a tattoo and the real thing ... :D

not free when u buy the bag of chips... oh and FAIL!!!

What exactly do your temporary tattoo and you slippin in the shower have in common?

When #4 posted their comment, they couldn't possibly have read #5...

she probably forgot about it then saw it out of the corner of her eye and her first would be spider cause they're more common. LMAO this made me cack!!!

darkheadlights 4

She mistook the scorpion tattoo for a spider on her wrist. At least that's how I understood it.

*eyeroll* Women I don't say that because I really feel that way. I say it because I like watching people fight.

Have at you, then. (raises fisticuffs in old-Irish posture)

Life_is_FML 22

Wow you really must be sooo bored that you have to make a rude comment just to be an a**hole. Grow up and get a life please.

That is undoubtedly the worst tattoo ever worn by anyone ever.

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i don't understand this ydi for how badly written this fml is!

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I didn't get it either at first but I think she got scared from her tattoo.

Be wary of that great, big dark thing that sometimes creeps along your walls and floors as well! It's stalking you!