By mk - / Saturday 20 June 2009 05:47 / Canada
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  Dante167  |  0

#65 I would wait for it to melt a little if my lip was stuck to it instead of trying to yank it off because common sense would tell me that it would probably hurt and/or rip the skin.

  brkn_hearted  |  0

#65: "On my first bite, my upper lip got stuck to it. I ripped it off" how do you NOT know that a popsicle was frozen to your tongue/lip if you had to RIP IT OFF? i agree with the person above me with the common sense thing...

  hecuva  |  0

And in Canada we only speak english??
Pretty sure it's a bilingual country and has TONS of people who either can't speak english or it's their second language so they don't speak it very well