By namehere34 - 29/12/2009 19:10 - United States

Today, I found a diamond on the floor, which I could only assume was from one of my brother's cheap earrings. I was positive that it was fake. To prove it to myself, I ran it across my window, as they say only real diamonds cut glass. It's real. FML
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Well, now you can sell it to pay for a new window. problem solved!

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I still don't get why you would have done that...


imperfectclarity 0

I still don't get why you would have done that...

*Sneeze* Oh I'm sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit OP.

That is my favorite line from a movie ever. Buyeah, ifif the diamond is real then I don't see the FML. You found a diamond for the price of a little scratch on some glass. That would be worth it for me.

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Op realized that he is an idiot who just ruined a window for nothing. many fake diamonds cut glass. pretty much all of the common diamond faking materials do.

#25: You basically summed up my thoughts about thus FML.

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yeah guys can have earrings Oh and how is this an FML?

What I don't understand... why is this an FML? Sell the thing and make some cash.

143 he's either gay or wears earring to look cool

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Well, now you can sell it to pay for a new window. problem solved!

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Except that it's not his to sell.

Just because it's a real diamond, it doesn't mean it's valuable. It could be a manufactured diamond made out of coal.

its all carbon anyway. you can manufacture much better diamonds than you can find naturally occurring because you can control the entire process unlike in nature where its random (and no one has to suffer and die to manufacture them). lol you can even make diamonds out of dead people's remains/ashes, there's even a company offering such service

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Nobody has to suffer and die to *manufacture* the diamond.... if it's natural, that took place well before humans were around to do the suffering and dying. But agreed, blood diamonds suck.

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97 pretty sure he meant the bad working conditions in mining diamonds

...How is this a FML? Who cares about the window, you found a diamond for ****'s sake!

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because. depending on their sizes, a big window can cost more than a small diamond. what's so illogical about that?

hellz yeah. that should be like an OMG score!!! type of thing not an FML

um... thats not even true. The saying is "Only diamonds can cut diamonds." YDI for being a DI. Glass is just melted sand. You can scratch glass with a rock.

The point is FAKE diamonds DO NOT cut glass.

YDI. Most minerals used to make fake diamonds are harder or as hard as glass. Go to school before you try to correct me.

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Its not even a real. Tv shows usually MAKE UP THINGS.

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A TV show is bad because it makes up things (not directed at comment above me but at the person who said NCIS was better because its "real")? That eliminates 80% of all television...

NCIS RULES!!! Btw Why does his brother have diamond???

Well it looks like things *Puts on sunglasses* Are becoming crystal clear. YEAAAAAHH #27 for you. A typical Horatio unfunny pun.

NCIS isnt real it just doesnt make up facts its one of my favourite shows but it isnt real

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That was hilarious and perfect. :)

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hate NCIS CSI all those shows with no progressing story, end of episode or to be continued set always has everything back the way it was...

Actually you're wrong. On the Mohs hardness scale, a scale testing the hardness of minerals, Glass is 5.5 and diamond is 10. Only mineral with a higher hardness than glass can scratch glass. GET SCIENCED BITCH

Sorry, but even glass can cut glass, so can anything with a larger number than 7 on Moh's hardness scale. 6 to 7 Glass, Vitreous pure silica 7 Quartz (Crystallized silica) 7 to 7.5 Garnet 7 to 8 Hardened steel 8 Topaz 9 Corundum 10 Diamond >10 Aggregated diamond nanorods

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OP wasnt saying diamonds are the only things that cut glass, OP was saying that fake diamonds CANT cut glass

^exactly..and btw get a life no one cares about that dumb scale thing

and this reply is saying that even fake diamonds (glass) can cut a window (glass) seems like you're the one who can't comprehend are an idiot. Most minerals can cut glass quite easily. Infact, the crystals used in place of real diamonds are harder than glass so they can cut glass. So the whole "only a real diamond can cut glass" is compelete BS since almost anything can cut glass as long as they are fundamentally have a greater hardness. Heck, I bet your kitchen knife can cut glass if its made with some decent metal. Also, if you really want to prove that the diamond is real. I suggest using that "mineral" you found and scatch it against something gold since gold is fairly hard and even the crystals used to replace a diamond can't scatch gold. Just make sure you aren't using fool's gold.

gold comes in many different forms (14k, 18k, etc) of varying hardness. pure gold is so soft that if you put someone in a pure gold jail cell, they could bend the bars and walk out.

Sigh, you are more of an idiot. You have obviously never dealt with gold, it is actually relatively soft. It is only about 3 on the Moh's hardness scale, that is why it is so malleable and easy to shape. Next time you call someone an idiot, check your facts retard.

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If gold is so soft, why did miners in the 1800s use their thumbnails to tell fool's gold from real gold? Gold is fairly soft and malleable.

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Number 15, quite true. You can bend pure gold very easily...

Pyrite or fools gold is harder then real gold, I don't see what point your trying to make?

GreenReaper 13

Pure gold is ridiculously soft. You can very easily scratch gold. Try Ruby or Sapphire for something hard. They are extremely hard, much more than most gems.

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Rubies and Sapphires are also extremely hard to find. At least, the real ones.

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this argument takes me back to my 8th grade earth science class....gud times

They used their thumbnails to differentiate between gold and fools gold because gold would impress and fools gold wouldn't. Silly.

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i can cut glass with a spoon but i wont cuz a spoon is worth like 50 cents, and my glass window is like 100 bux

Did you guys ever think about sarcasm?

your an idiot there are millions of things that could cut glass now you still have a mostlikely fake diamond and a new broken window, congrats.

poor_gurll1198 17

I think that YOU'RE an idiot...

You found a diamond and you're complaining?