By Anonymous - 08/01/2011 01:59 - Canada

Today, I found out why my wife insisted on naming our first child "George" if it was a boy. It was her first love's name. FML
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As long as your last names aren't Bush, I see no problem here.



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Why "ouch"? Don't assume, OP. Maybe she always liked the name. Or maybe she's trying to redeem the name and reassociate it with something positive (so that hearing the name George doesn't forever remind her of her ex). That's something I would do.

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I READ A DAMN SIMILAR ONE BEFORE! -.- anyone read that FML too?

I love that name :D but ughh sucks sorry Op FYL. what your wife did was a bitch move, she should have talked to you about it before

If its a girl, name it after ur first love :p

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tough luck bud.

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What's a "luck bud"?

ur retarded, she said tough luck, bud. BUD means BUDDY

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Haha, you don't get it. Oh well.

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You'll get over it.

George is a pretty sick name though!

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.... curious George?

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Does the expression "sick" mean good or bad? It's hard to tell by your comment.(:

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sick means good usually now a dayss

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Watch out for that tree! Oooh Aaaah!

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Q, I love you. :D

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great show 17!

As long as your last names aren't Bush, I see no problem here.

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hahahahaha awesome.

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You must name the child Luke so he knows who is real father is. My mom named me Stacy, so she could say, "Stacy's mom has got it goin' on." What a shame. I know.

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*His not is. My bad.

LOL, Mom win! (:

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Wait, what?

oh please, that's not why your mom named you that. that song came out years after you were born because if she did, you would hardly be old enough to be using the computer, much less be on this site.

FFML_314 11

That's exactly what I was thinking, 43. I sure was hoping for someone else to catch on.

That song was released in 2003, thus making you 7 years old.

Bump for interest.

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Calm down. It was a joke, because I know the song came out not too long ago. And obviously, I'm not 7. Or maybe I am...

What possessed you to knock up someone like that?

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You can't necessarily choose who you knock up. If you're not using condom that is.

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#67- You can get pregnant even WITH a condom. I'm not sure why so many people think "condom=NO pregnancy, guaranteed."

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^this was funny!(: Today's "Heat" game was too close for comfort.

probably his kid

That could potentially be quite cute, depending on her age when she was with her first love.

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Hopefully, it'll be a girl. Then you can tell your wife you plan to call her "Jezebel", after the stripper that gave you your first lap dance. See if she likes it.

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You are a genius. :D

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hahaha that's awesome, only it should be something even more stripper-ish sounding like Bubbles