By bapbap - 18/12/2015 18:33 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, my doctor told me I needed to eat more salt to keep my blood pressure from dropping dangerously low. He only shrugged when I pointed out that he had previously told me to eat a low-salt diet to control my vertigo. FML
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I'm already on a ton of medication anyways. I'm trying to find a balance between too much and too little salt, it's just tricky. My doctor is usually pretty helpful, more so that others I've seen. My health issues are just kind of complex so it's a handful trying to keep it all under control.

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Maybe try to get a second opinion on it OP. Two verdicts are better than one.

Next time take his advice with a grain of salt.


I sure hope sodium chloride salt salt french fries salt chips salt doesn't sodium salt halite chloride salt. SALT!

3 disliked salt puns in a row...what has fml come to -_-

Maybe try to get a second opinion on it OP. Two verdicts are better than one.

Looks like it's time to get a new doctor for Christmas.

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On the first day of Christmas my dr gave to me, some really shitty medical advice!

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Well try not to eat to much or to little... If that's even possible good luck

I'd be salty about his recommendations too...

Can't you eat more sugar to raise your blood pressure?

I think you're thinking of blood sugar levels.

There must be something else that can be done, get a second opinion OP

I've seen a few doctors, they have the same verdict. Salt will help my blood pressure but make my vertigo worse. So I just have to find a balance between it.

if your kidneys are okay and you have okay level of salt in your diet you should be able to get your bp up with more water...

Surely there's a way you can balance everything out? Just do some research and talk to some different doctors. Obviously your current physician isn't doing his job right if he can't even offer you some sort of advice.