Liar, liar

By skanula414 - 31/12/2014 19:00 - Sweden - Malm?

Today, I found out my 7-year-old daughter really did lie about my husband's "other girlfriend" as revenge for being grounded, and that he never cheated on me at all. We're well into our divorce proceedings and he won't forgive me for not believing him when he denied it. FML
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Guess if she is like this at 7, I wonder what she's going to be like at 14

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Guess if she is like this at 7, I wonder what she's going to be like at 14

She shouldn't have started a divorce process by what a 7 year old says......

I can't believe she trusted her word over a man who clearly loved her

i dont blame the guy for not taking her back, if i pleaded that i was not guilty for this long and was called a liar until the divorce, id have no reason to go back to someone who doesnt trust me.

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And with that comment, you win the Internet.

I swear it's not crack! It's baking soda for a volcano project.

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If a seven year old lies about something that ***** everyone over so bad they they get a divorce, she damn well deserves to be blamed. The wife DID NOT deserve this.

Except for the part where she took a 7-year-old's word over her husband's. Obviously.

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Nice:) I cant believe how the Most ppl here try to load all the responsibility to the child. She ****** up..ok. But unlike them..she is very young..and has to learn to handle anger. Like her parents.

Maybe the wife shouldn't have wholly believed the kid, but I still think the child is deserving of some blame.

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Well hopefully this is one 7 year old that now realises that lying can have very serious and unintended consequences.

No, they are right to blame the child, #30.

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If you never hold a child accountable for their actions, they'll never learn to hold themselves accountable for their actions. Its a dumb situation all around, I feel like this is mostly an fml for the husband.

Honestly if she is a good enough liar why wouldn't she believe her daughter. Also if someone is caught cheating they usually deny it. I bet she never expected her daughter to lie about something as terrible as that either for no reason.

@33: You clearly don't understand the concepts of childhood, adulthood, and parenting. Sure the kid lied, and had no concept of the consequenses, that's why adults are in charge. The OP *decided,* like a big girl, to divorce on the word of an angry child. The responsibility is hers alone.

So just because the child unwittingly caused a divorce, she shouldnt be at all punished just because the OP believed her?

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there has to be more to the story, surely she didn't jump to this extreme over one incident.. but the child would get a stern lecture if it were me, along with punishments

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Think of it this way. If the kid was telling the truth and the wife didn't believe her, what would you say? You'd probably still pick on the wife for ignoring the kid.

She just made a lifelong mistake. My parents started getting a divorce when I was 9. 4 years later I wanted to kill myself due to it still happening and my parents loosing all their money on lawyers and having to move many times with both parents.

I agree with you, unless her daughter was known to be a liar, it wouldn't have been likely that she would think she was lying, but she should've trusted her husband. But that is east to say when none of us are in her situation.

Oh, come one! Children discover lying at the age of 2 and at age 7 they usually have a very good idea that lying is wrong. This kid was smart enough to use a lie as weapon of retaliation and it even stick with the lie apparently for month, even when she was seeing what is happening because of it. And apparently the girl does not give a **** about her father as well. She KNEW what she was doing and she deserves punishment.

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Plot twist: she was telling the truth at the start realized her parents are getting a divorce now is covering for dad

Children generally don't tell lies that big. OP might wanna have a llooonngggg talk with her daughter.

Children tell all types of lies. Your logic is flawed

I lied all the time as a kid, nothing this significant, but I still lied. I've heard of kids lying about one of the parents hitting them as revenge for things that didn't go their way.

Children are very capable of telling lies. I know a teenager who as a little girl got angry at her uncle, so she made up a lie that he had touched her inappropriately and the police got involved and everything. They got pretty into the case before everyone realized she had been lying. Uncle never wanted to babysit her again. I also worked in a preschool and let me tell you, when children want to, they can make up some pretty big lies. Of course, they don't realize just how big the consequences could be for that lie

I have a strong believe that most of the commenters would do the same as OP!

You trusted your 7 year old over your husband? You deserve it you twat.

Idk in this day and age people cheat left and right, It's very possible this could have happened to her many times before thus upon hearing the news believe it. Also children tend to tell things like they are. Their filters haven't really come in yet so this is a very possible situation

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#169, children lie all the time. They don't understand that lying destroys the trust put in them and that it is a bad thing. My five year old lies all the time when he thinks telling the truth is a disadvantage for him. ("Can I have sweets?" - "Did you get sweets at your grandparents?" - "No, they had nothing at all!" - "If I call them, will they confirm this?" - "Um, maybe I did have a little chocolate, but if was sour, not sweet.")

Children have a more honest point of view. They call it as they see it, and usually don't understand discretion until later on. Most children are more trustworthy than most adults.

Well I don't know about you, but my little sister lies all the time. She constantly tells my parents that I hit her and steal stuff from her if I don't do what she wants

I'm pretty sure you can go back to the hospital and exchange her for another kid. Just tell them the one you got was broken.

It's more like the daughter and father should get a replacement. Or a refund. The mother/wife is the one who's really broken here.

Yeah, I think most hospitals have an 8 year limited warranty. She'll just need to consult with the warranty department. Hopefully she doesn't get a refurbished child.

I'm pretty sure there's a recall on that year's model though.

If they are off stock, she can take something instead. Like pair of locusts.

You should have trusted him. Happy New Year

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You deserve it! Next time do the adult thing and talk before taking the word of your child whom you had punished

Talking dose nothing since a cheater will always deny it and it sounds like they did "talk".. Anyway, you need to use super detective skills to find evidence to either confirm or prove the suspicions to be false. Just remember that kids can be very creative and spin some very convincing stories when telling lies.

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So, by this logic, regardless of whether your partner says they are or are not cheating on you, they're cheating on you. That's ******* stupid.

*does -confirm or prove, same meaning ...but continue.

No you ******* dumbass. You ask the child more questions about it. She's seven ******* years old. You could confirm through text messages of husband even if deleted by calling provider. You don't just take their word for it right away if they're seven yrs. old.

Well even though Children usually don't lie, this one deserves severe discipline if she did that just because she got grounded.

everyone lies, especially children. when you have a still forming grasp on morals you can fudge the truth by manipulating emotion, kinda like a sociopath.

#10 Children usually don't lie?? On what planet? And the girl already got a punishment she will feel for the rest of her life: Believing that it's her fault her parents split up.

Children usually don't lie? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait, you were serious?

Really? Because I catch my 4 year old cousin in lies, quite a lot.

Children always lie. Trust me, I know. I used to babysit and the kids would always tell the parents that I hit them or I stole their chocolate or some shit, just because things didn't go their way all the time.

umm... duh? child gets grounded, wants to get back at parents. and you didn't look for other signs? the guys lucky to be rid of you in my opinion.

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Exactly. It's a kid. You don't divorce w/out doing a lot more checking. Credit card receipts, phone/text records, that sort of thing. If the only evidence you apparently had was the kid's word, then YDI. FHL, she's going to realize that she instigated this the rest of her life. And F HIS life...for having a shit daughter and ex-wife.