By Anonymous - 27/01/2010 19:51 - Canada

Today, while my teacher was in the middle of a lecture, I accidentally made it so my laptop would display everything upside down. It took me the rest of class to get it right side up again. FML
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Ctrl-alt-down, I believe. It's one Google search away.

Not an FML.


Ctrl-alt-down, I believe. It's one Google search away.

Ctrl - alt - arrow key flips the screen

thtnerdykid 0

Isn't it Ctrl + Alt + ^?

How is this an FML? This should be under the category "something happened to me that had no immediate or long term effects on my life"

Invierno 10

Completely agree.

They probably missed out of the rest of the lecture. Give or take the class, it could've been really important.

azurablade 0

#3 is right. this is the worst FML ever. this is more like FMD (f my day)

Jeff2017 0

three is an idiot itleast it's true I hate looking at those idiot fmls

@#27, I have no idea what you are trying to say. Are you trying to insult me? Or are you agreeing with me? I mean, some FMLs aren't going to scar the OP, but they are funny or at the very least amusing. This FML was neither. It was the equivalent of saying, "Today, I sneezed and was unable to breath in for half a second. FML".

Not an FML.

CyclonePsycho 1

I hate moderating with a passion, but I might have to start again. OP... all it takes is one little Google search.

this is actually the least fml fml i have seen ever

Who cares about ur upside-down laptop screen? Just turn ur laptop upside down :P

I rather found this enjoyable. How'd you make it like that? TELL ME!

WOW_idc123 0

it might be an fml because maybe he missed a very important lecture n now when they talk again the next day he won't know what's going on....I don't know either

Guess you're ****** huh? Suicide is your only option.

Bloodrush 0

oh **** now you have to use a pen to take up

gnetgirl26 0

r u Derek that wrote this fml