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Today, I held up my best friend with a lighter shaped like a gun, and jokingly accused him of sleeping with my wife, only to have him admit that he really did. FML
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And then you set his ass on fire, right? Right? Very little pisses me off more than infidelity.


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The reason I wrote Nag Just kiddibg hes really sucky is bevause alot of people dont get irony

A lot of people don't get spelling either....

ThisIsMyReign 4

1/26 - Well, I've heard every gets everything you don't get...which is everything.

Is his spelling really that necessary? It'd made sense to me.

Yes, spelling is always necessary. That's why they start teaching it in first grade.

Well IT didn't make sense to me. You are right there with him

94 - It was still wrong. "It made sense to me" would have been correct.

100 - A 13 year old should be more than capable to type a grammatically correct sentence and spell correctly. That's the thing with FML, if you don't make your comment perfect - you get down voted immediately, in some cases.

113-Correction. In MOST cases. 1- I love your profile picture :D

I wrote it on my Iphone and I have really big thumbs so thats why my spelling is ******.

Well there are people like me that have special needs, is special needs people take longer to learn stuff then other people do.

119- Obviously your thumbs aren't the issue of you were able to write a decent sentence like you just did. Excuses....

jasmine1259 2

Damn, the grammar nazis on this site are worse than dbpb. When there's an obvious or there are multiple spelling mistakes than sure, but people make the biggest deals from one error. Get a life, or at least don't be a jerk about it. Everyone makes mistakes.

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Don't ask if you don't want to know. That said, still sucks.

113- To be grammatically correct- which you were clearly trying to be- it should say "capable of typing", rather than "capable to type".

angrystare 6

Dont play with fire, you might get burned

What planet are u from 75...I do not speak hgciruxhs

125- I checked every damn letter in that sentence so you guys wouldnt complain.

How do you know he didn't go on his iPad or ******* computer it's just words for ***** sake. Also every god damn one of y'all need to calm down it's not the end of the ******* world. Y'all act like suck big ******* when something so small happens get off your high horse most of you mother ******* being grammar nazis probably didn't know even make it passed your sophomore year in high school.( sorry just reading people act so much better cause they take 15 minutes to write a sentence without bad spelling or grammar pisses me off.)

Idonebeenhad 17

Then it wouldn't have been much of a joke, now would it?

I don't think OP cares weather or not it was much of a joke now.

Nah, then OP would actually contemplate using it. Then he'd wind up in jail, and his wife would be sleeping with every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

yeah. and mainly the Dicks also, alternatively to using a real gun, he was holding a lighter, just light the backstabbing douche on fire

*Op pulls out a .357* "Wanna play chicken?" Best friend craps his pants.

Cheating deserves a beating! Just kidding, divorce that bitch.

97 - It's only humorous because it's true.

Or maybe she'll sleep with Tom's hairy dick?

bizarre_ftw 21

hey dude check out my mew camera *boom* oh wait this isnt s camera

Maybe he was just playing along with OP..

ididntdoit1980 8

Divorce the bitch and hopefully you don't live in a no fault state so she doesn't get shit!

I don't recall him wishing for his friend to sleep with his wife

If you read betweens the lines, I was making a comparison to not asking a question if you don't want to know the answer

xStaciexLynnx 15

If that were the case the appropriate comment would have been something like 'Dont ask, don't tell' or 'Dont ask a question you don't want to answer to' not 'Be careful what you wish for.

My apologies for crediting the readers with more intelligence than they actually possess.

Agreed. Implied, OP suspected, and followed through. They say ignorance IS Bliss!

I'm sure you'd be saying that if your wife or husband cheated on you, your a retttard. Or your just a worthless sluuuuut and your the one doing the cheating an if that's the case it's funny knowing you get used for your pussaaaayyy. Gigity

mintcar 9

120: You're ******* What you're looking for is " you're. " -Facepalm-

And then you set his ass on fire, right? Right? Very little pisses me off more than infidelity.

Doc, if you get a call for a patient with 3rd degree burns on his ass. You already know why. Then you can be all like, "Slept with your best friends wife, eh?"


And here I thought that my opinion of you couldn't be any rock Doc Bastard!

Giving you a thumbs up purely for using the word 'infidelity'

Me too, let's go blow the infidels up... D-d-ch

Maybe he was just "confessing " because he thought you had a really gun.

Admitting to having sex with another man's wife, having a gun pointed to his face doesn't seem like a wise time to confess to that sort of thing. :P What would have happened if the gun was real?

Yeah... Okay well it's just a possibility .

sonrisapreciosa 6

Commence the "divorce the bitch" comments.

I know it'll be buried, I was just predicting future comments.

Except in this case, divorce actually would be warranted.

Doc, I wasn't saying the husband shouldn't divorce, I was merely predicting future comments. 24, I noticed after I made my comment.

^ right yes, because OP should tolerate the fact that his wife cheated on him with his best friend, and god knows how many others. There are certain things that happen in a relationship that can be worked through, but once a cheater, always a cheater. It just shows her lack of respect for him.

Actually, you predicted the past. Wait . . .

109, who was that comment directed at?

McAninch35 9

109, every time I see your picture I think of the Spongebob episode where he's a lifeguard and uses way too much sunscreen on his nose. Stupid, I know, but you guys don't know how badly I wanted to get that out there. *crawls back into hole*

118 I clearly directed that comment to you with this ^

Well then, 146, as my response to Doc said, I wasn't saying divorce isn't warranted. I was saying that there would be a bunch of comments saying "divorce the bitch."

Nope..."ö" ist not pronounced like "oo" is pronounced similar to the "i" in "bird" or the "ea" in "early" :)

It's funny because he actually admitted to it.

Yourheadache 19

not funny more like stupid, why would someone admitt something like that infront of a gun, i know i wouldnt.

squirrel1215 5

It just cracks me up imagining the extremely high amount of awkwardness that ensued as joke turned to truth.

Yourheadache 19

do you feel lucky punk? well do ya?

"Do you feel lucky, punk?" - Dirty Harry "Go ahead, make my day." - Dirty Harry 4: Sudden Impact

A line so awesome that a real gun law is named after it.

wlddog 14

That could get interesting really quick.