By Maddie - 22/03/2011 15:39

Today, I had to take a dump in a box for a stool test. FML
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Don't lie, you enjoyed it.


As a box my one purpose in life is to be a place to put things. Well today I received my mission.... a gift? sexy undies? No. Someone took dump in me. FML.


Don't lie, you enjoyed it.

rallets 22

sounds shitty

kruzito 0

this has to be the worst FML yet!

do you have worms in your stomach?

iTaylor 0

say hello to your future... as a hobo

I do it all the time.

I do it all the time.

You don't have a restroom at home? oh wait are you a hobo? have you not seen public toliets ?

real good fml would be if you got shit all over your. hands =p

how would they be able to write this FML is they were a hobo?

wait a minute ! How does this FML anyhow relate to a hobo?

51...what is your user name for FFM? I'm on my phone again...and seriously what does this have to do with hobos??

it's jast ( sorry for being off topic)

is it weird that I read this while taking a poo

#80 the best time to read FMLs it's while taking a dump LOL jk =p

82 that's absolutely true ! i do that every day :))

if your being serious about this...u missed the test part of the FML

27- I see what you did there!

who are you addressing ^^

Clearly number 27...

it was for 92 , he came between while i was typing

yohooooooo 5

#80 that's when I read fml's hahaha

Jvr91 8

win comment ^ weird fml

108 - thats what she said.

lol ^ btw how is dumping in a box f their life? mods these days...

118- Best Red vs Blue reference ever. Go Caboose! Go Tucker!

Justin Timberlake- "It's my dump in a box!"

so? a Lot of ppl do it..

lol I'm lovin the pic! haha

KingDingALing 9

Yes, but they don't shit in a box. What did you wipe your ass with, OP? Cardboard?

I shit outside.

Hey hey! new improved account!

raaaandi18 3

well thanks for the heads up.

unless you're spongebob FYL.

alot of people also know how to spell

Could've been worse...Could have had to take the dump in your hand?

Could have been even worse, it could have been for a school test, that would really suck.

Could've been worse... You could have the lame-ass shitty job of checking the crap for the test....

Did you miss the box or something?

mendozaale 0

hahah even more shameful than shittin in a box already

did anyone else misread this as "school test"?

liljensen 0

ya I did twice ha ha ha I could pass that test...

MyMuse7 0

so? a box, a toilet? homeless people do it all the time.

YoureMe 0

what the crap..

Did you wrap it up and tell them Merry Christmas?

Hahaha that is very weird.

persianjr1 7

yes.....yes it is

superman22569 0


Well when u gotta go u gotta go haha

enonymous 8

Don't lie you were proud of that dump. probably took a few photos and even tagged it on facebook