By Maddie - 22/03/2011 15:39

Today, I had to take a dump in a box for a stool test. FML
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As a box my one purpose in life is to be a place to put things. Well today I received my mission.... a gift? sexy undies? No. Someone took dump in me. FML.


kruzito 0

this has to be the worst FML yet!

iTaylor 0

say hello to your future... as a hobo

You don't have a restroom at home? oh wait are you a hobo? have you not seen public toliets ?

real good fml would be if you got shit all over your. hands =p

how would they be able to write this FML is they were a hobo?

wait a minute ! How does this FML anyhow relate to a hobo?

51...what is your user name for FFM? I'm on my phone again...and seriously what does this have to do with hobos??

is it weird that I read this while taking a poo

#80 the best time to read FMLs it's while taking a dump LOL jk =p

82 that's absolutely true ! i do that every day :))

if your being serious about this...u missed the test part of the FML

it was for 92 , he came between while i was typing

yohooooooo 5

#80 that's when I read fml's hahaha

Jvr91 8

lol ^ btw how is dumping in a box f their life? mods these days...

118- Best Red vs Blue reference ever. Go Caboose! Go Tucker!

Justin Timberlake- "It's my dump in a box!"

Could've been worse...Could have had to take the dump in your hand?

Could have been even worse, it could have been for a school test, that would really suck.

Could've been worse... You could have the lame-ass shitty job of checking the crap for the test....

mendozaale 0

hahah even more shameful than shittin in a box already

did anyone else misread this as "school test"?

liljensen 0

ya I did twice ha ha ha I could pass that test...

MyMuse7 0

so? a box, a toilet? homeless people do it all the time.

enonymous 8

Don't lie you were proud of that dump. probably took a few photos and even tagged it on facebook