Not quite ready for the Winter Olympics

By Floof - 15/02/2010 13:35 - United States

Today, I was skiing in Vermont for the third day straight. Since I was getting very little sleep, on the top of the chairlift I let out a huge yawn, pulling a muscle in my face. As I slid down the ramp, everyone saw me thrashing my head around and making funny, painful faces as I fell down. FML
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Isn't that how everyone normally skies in Vermont?

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an average day in life for stephen hawking


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agreed, I would have died laughing for sure

How did you pull a muscle? They probably thought you were having a seizure or something.

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the jaw can get out of line...resulting in a pulled muscle.

From a yawn? Damn that's messed up. Probably felt good until then, too. I love a great yawn.

BEAST-MODE [ON] OFF thats such a fail its a win

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at least ur rich enough to skii 3 days straight

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don't u mean today I was skiing in Pennsylvania?

why she has to be stuck where she's from... she couldve been on vacation.... how stupid

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if this is who I think it is, then it was a school trip...skiing isn't that expensive anyway.

Omg i like just did this. I was drivig home from school and i yawned for a long time then under my head by my chin I get hecka weird like it was tightening up or something.

Ouch! That sounds very painful OP! I hope you are ok, but why would you ski when your tired? That just sounds dangerous!

haha and I would be the one on the top of the mountain watching this all happen and laughing uncontrollably :D

i pulled a muscle in ny face eating a girl once hurts like hell. and 1 time my thighs fell asleep sitting on the john. i think my penis fell asleep on the excercise bike at the gym too. either that or i left a 9 inch hot dog in my pants.

That comment is made from 100% win hahahahahahaha.

Isn't that how everyone normally skies in Vermont?

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This made me lulz. Thank you. haha

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actually its skis. but thats just me being technical...

I know, but by the time I hit submit, checked my spelling, and tried to edit it, the time expired and this is what you get. That, and I felt too lazy to post a reply pointing out my mistake.

haha I know that so not funny but it made me laugh... and how do you pull a muscle in your face??

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this sounds more like a piece of hail hit the OP and they're blaming a pulled muscle.

You do realize that guy passed away a while back, right? Because that makes your statement a hell of a lot funnier...

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I hate getting those cramps, it's hurts so bad. what mountain were u riding