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Today, I had to give a speech but I wasn't prepared. I decided to give it anyway. While giving the speech, I got so nervous I passed out. FML
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You saved yourself from a horrible unprepared speech and I'm sure the fainting was alot more entertaining to the audience. :) Lol.

So I guess the career on Broadway's a no go then?


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join a friendly supportive society to practice speachcraft

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I was gonna suggest toastmasters too.

I feel ur pain. I was unprepared last night and almost passed out too

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Did you get an A? cause if you did I might have to try it out sometime.

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At least you'll have more time to finish that speech up.

Why do I have the feeling this would've happened even if you were prepared? I really hate to laugh at your obvious pain but this keeps giving me the funniest mental images. I am so sorry I didn't see this. Youtube? Seriously though - I think they have classes fir that. I personally would rather talk in front of 1,000 people than face ti face with 1 so it could be worse.

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YDI! You should have asked the teacher to do it later with some points taken off.

I am deathly afraid of speaking in front of a even a small crowd, and I've asked my teacher this and she said no so I just didn't do it and got an F :D sooo much better then passing out OP

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was it by chance, the "fear speech" you have in comm appl? because if it was I can so picture this scene; "my fear is...*loud plop sound*

getting an F is definatley not a good thing just do the speech. If you don't face your fears they just get worse

same thing happened to a kid who took my public speaking class the semester before me! he wouldn't wake up, so they had to call 911. the professor tells every class about it on the first day of the semester. that poor kid is never going to live that down!

So I guess the career on Broadway's a no go then?

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You hit the head directly on the nail. Good shot, sport.

At least they can't claim you were faking it.

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woah o.o I usually stutter n stare someone down o_O

Why would you give a speech you weren't prepared for? I can understand being unprepared for a speech during speech class, but in speech class no one really cares about your speech and they forget it by the end of the class. I agree with #4 (given that this didn't occur during a speech class), although I don't understand their need to leech to the top of the post when they were so close anyways.

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I bet you had the most entertaining speech.

you didn't pee....did u? that would be an FML

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that's really normal actually.

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I hate having to talk in front of a lot of people. x.x