By Anonymous - 16/03/2016 20:58 - United States - Durham

Today, I fell down a hill out of my hammock, which broke my phone screen and my sunglasses. My idiot brother launched me out of it, so he could "assert his dominance." He's 11. FML
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Wizardo 33

Clock him solidly around the head. Dominance asserted.

Well at least he didn't pee on you.


Well at least he didn't pee on you.

That's the next step.

You should inform him about contests for dominance. Then while he is sleeping or relaxing hit him enough times for the worth of the phone. He won't want to be dominant after that!

Or rather you could offer him your hammock to get in. Once he gets in it do the same back to him

He's young but he should of known that was a mean and stupid thing to do. I hope he got some sort of reasonable punishment for that.

Wizardo 33

Clock him solidly around the head. Dominance asserted.

I've heard the best way to assert dominance is to mount someone, but I wouldn't advise doing that here.

What's wrong with a little Jiu-jitsu? Mount, or even a good side control, tap him a few times, dominance asserted.

Martial arts work well.

Who puts a hammock at the top of a hill?

Someone who lives on top of a hill.

There's only one reasonable and intelligent response to this. Hold him down and shit in his mouth. That'll show him who's dominant.

Make him pay in both ways.

He's a guy!

#11- You know, it's always that one person who suggests cannabalism for these types of things. Are we freaking tiger sharks or chimpazees that fight for dominance in the womb or kill our rivals and may actually eat them? While cannibalism would solve hunger and over-population problems, we are, as a general society, disgusted by it. We are human beings, for God's sake. We are capable of solving problems without going to the extreme and eating each other. So don't go over the line and freaking say a person has to eat their 11-year-old younger brother for dominance.

26--can you even internet

Nope. I'm just a avid lover of books.

Soundly and firmly "assert" your foot deeply in his ass several times. Dominance re-assigned