By Face fucking palm - 23/07/2014 03:36 - United States - Albany

Today, I went to a bookstore to get "The Grapes of Wrath". I have a problem with controlling the volume of my voice, so once at the counter, I accidentally said quite loudly, "WHERE ARE THE ANGRY GRAPES?" FML
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I bet whoever was working at the time got a bit of a shock then...

llamarrama01 21

You know what they say. People like grapes.


christina3466 17

I actually think that was a good joke...

attractive looking girl agrees then everyone else magically agrees typical.

I bet whoever was working at the time got a bit of a shock then...

uglyheadedbitch 20

Today, some guy came to the counter of the bookstore I work at and screamed, "WHERE ARE THE ANGRY GRAPES?" FML

Next time OP shouldn't gRAPE them with his wrathful volume

#45 that was just terrible.

I know it was really bad, but there's no need to wine about it 63.

llamarrama01 21

You know what they say. People like grapes.

People say that?

People who eat grapes do.

Yeah, everybody likes grapes, cunt.

MrPottsWithTwoTs 13

Man, these people not getting RT references.

llamarrama01 21

Thank you! I was waiting for someone to understand.

Red_Ninja_20 5

Don't worry, I got you too!

islandstyle808 3

People like crepes too

Bandking 12

Gavin free, eh?

llamarrama01 21

RoosterTeeth. It's a comedy gaming channel on youtube


It's upsetting that some people don't get it, but eh. Oh well xD I appreciate it.

Better then accidentally saying angry rapes...

Should we make a list of things it's better than saying? -.-

I die a little bit inside every time someone writes "then" instead of "than".

#64 - Your life bar must be over 9000 thAn.

Llama_Face89 33

Congrats on being mistaken for a crazy person! It's got it's downsides but people tend to respect your privacy more so you've got that going for you.

Good thing you controlled your words though!

One, why would you say "angry grapes"? Two, other than looking a little eccentric that's not really an FML moment. Third and finally, learning how to control your volume is something that should happen when you are a child.

Your brain works faster than your mouth, so malapropisms happen, at least to me, all the time. I also have volume control issues occasionally-- I'll unintentionally use my teacher voice instead of my quiet, friendly voice. My brain can be a real bastard sometimes when it chooses my words and voice volume. Maybe not as FML as some other FMLs, but still embarrassing. And funny.

I have that to People constantly tell me to hush and I don't even feel like I'm behind loud and when I think I'm quiet people just hear me pretty much uell

cryssycakesx3 22

I always get "why are you yelling??" "I'm not... :"

CurlyQute 17

Wish I was there... That would have made my day!

Aero_x 21

That's so funny! it is actually very cute, too.

Settle down there, Thor

On another note, the weather man was wrong. He said clear skies all day, but it looks like quite the thunderstorm is brewing.