The Destroyer

By mr_p - 03/12/2010 15:30 - United States

Today, I was waiting to take a dump in a gas station restroom. A 300-pound man walked out, shook his head, and said, "I'm sorry" to me. FML
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I wonder how much he weighed before he went in?


Lulz, sorry mods. I couldn't resist. Everyone else just FTR: No, I was not calling you-know-what. >.<

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Ah! Jane, did you call me *bleep*?! How dare you, you *bleep*! See, I moderated myself. ^_^

Comment Moderated by Mr.Sassypants. Do I get bonus points because inmoderated my disturbing coments which would've got trolls to go on my side and trollol? 12- I never knew you were a mod! Or maybe you're tricking me because you're a grammer Nazi and if you were a mod you would've edited the poorly written comments wouldn't have you? (Like mine)

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I don't get what you did... :(

Your dp looks like naruto bs sasuke to me... And its awesome!

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Ha, I bet he weighed 350 pounds before he went in.

didn't your mom ever tell you to go before you leave the house.

grab the toliet paper and go in a forest

Mindfuck. I totally had the first comment, and I even said something about being in a shitty situation. *cue twilight zone music*

He didn't say 'Beat that', at least.

chocorooms, combining the joys of chocolate and fungus into small bitesized packages.

chocolate and mushrooms? is that even possible to taste good? :/

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Yes, and don't forget he gave you fair warning. HE could have just gone into the snack store, bought his beloved funyuns and let you walk into his poorly-aimed hell.

one time me and my friend both took ***** and clogged the mcdonalds bathroom, he them peed on the toilet paper and floor, and I jacked off and blew my load all over the toilet seat.

first Shitty situation comment to ever be thumbed up in history.

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This is why I avoid public restrooms.

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especially the gas station. everyone takes a dump there.

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hey overthelimit, horseback riding is not a sport. :P

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see, that's what i don't get. If everybody normally tries to avoid gas station bathrooms, then why are they always so horribly used?

I wonder how much he weighed before he went in?

Fun fact: The average bowel movement weighs less than half a lb. :D


0.o If it's in your town, drive home. If you're on a road trip, by nose plugs.

Phew ... THAT was close 11. It's a good thing you caught that little mistake.

They already thanked me. No need to be sarcastic. You'll thank me too, one day.

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Oh dear. There's no way you're going to plunge yourself out of shit that deep.


I see what you did there. @_@

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Had to drop Fat Albert off at the pool eh?

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Haha you were going in there to do the same thing, he just beat you to it. Gross though. Maybe run in the gas station and buy some air freshener, lol.