By poorcar - / Monday 5 October 2009 07:38 / United States
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By  Brave_Sir_Robin  |  4

So did they at least let you borrow their car so you could look rich? Who knows - you may get "lucky." Seriously, though, at least you have a car that works, so please STFU and start cleaning the kitchen.

By  fuckingshitt343  |  0

well how old are you? just because you don't have the nicest car in the world doesn't make your life fucked. at least you have a car. i had to drive around an old cop car for a year and a half. i hated it. it was a piece of shit. but it got me to where i needed to go. and if you are young then its not that big of a deal to even have a nice car anyways. that's why you go to school to get a degree to get a good job to get a nice car.


Today, I awoke to find that my car had been burglarized in my own driveway and several hundred dollars worth of electronics were stolen. I only later discovered that my campus parking pass had also been stolen when I got a $75 ticket while taking a chemistry test. FML

By 1129 - / Tuesday 15 June 2010 16:32 / United States

Today, my window fell out of the wall, landed on my head, and shattered. I waited 6 hours to get 23 stitches in the emergency room. When I got home, I found a bill. I owe my landlord $130 to replace the window. They won't fix it until I pay up. FML

By dani1104 - / Friday 29 January 2010 08:49 / United States
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