By Emma - 05/01/2016 03:08 - United Kingdom - Rawtenstall

Today, I had a job interview where I was asked, "Who is your best friend?" I replied truthfully, "My cat", only to then be asked what my cat would describe as my best qualities, which didn't go far beyond, "Remembering to feed him". They weren't impressed. FML
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But most importantly, your cat is impressed.

Maybe start finding a job at a pet shop?


But most importantly, your cat is impressed.

Or, as the case may be, your cat is unimpressed. This IS a cat we're talking about.

Maybe start finding a job at a pet shop?

You need to learn to sell yourself, OP. Employers want confidence.

...This is going to sound incredibly emo, but I swear that it's just me playing devil's advocate. What do you do if you don't have confidence? Fake it, right? How can you fake something you've never had?

By looking at other people who present themselves in a way that you admire and copying their behaviour. Personally I think it's okay to be quiet and shy, as long as you can talk enthusiastically about the things you're interested in.

From my experience, it's very hard. I've been taught to be very modest, so suddenly trying to describe how good I am..not easy at all. And we've also been taught to be truthful, which isn't always the best option such as this time. Suddenly going against that is very hard.

SuperMew 22

You are mistaking self-doubt with modesty.

I faked confidence by imitating people whose style I admired, and after awhile I deluded myself into actually becoming a confident person.

NotGabe 28

It's okay OP, brain farts happens. I once answered "Why should we hire you?" with "I sneeze loud."

My first job interview was along the same lines, except I basically said "I can lift."

What a dumb follow up question from the interviewers.

They probably had like a set list of questions they were supposed to ask. I'm pretty sure whoever wrote those questions wouldn't expect anyone to answer that their cat is their best friend.

After they heard the answer, they could have asked for a "Human best friend". So assuming that they have a list of questions they are supposed to ask doesn't make it lesser dumb.

Keeping a cat happy can sometimes be challenging. I think it's pretty impressive.

Mathalamus 24

hmm. you must have a lonely life if your cat is your best friend. i feel the same way. oh well.

TAntobella 14

"Best friend" doesn't mean "only friend". Re your loneliness, adopt a pet in a shelter, save its life, get to know its personality and instincts, and you will never be alone again. Pets are excellent companions, their presence have therapeutic effects, and unlike people they are there with you at all times. I have lots of good friends yet my pets are members of my family, and my life is richer with them. Good luck #9

If you finessed those statements as a joke, you could come off clever and perhaps charming... It's funny.. You're funny.