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Today, my dad decided to clean his muddy shoes right beside me by clapping them together, causing mud to fly all over me. This wouldn't have been a problem had I not been wearing my white wedding dress just before getting married. FML
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I'm so sorry OP, seems like your dad needs to think before he goes mudslinging

Sorry about your dress OP, and the clumsy thought of your father. Make sure when the cake is served to "accidentally" drop yours on him.


I'm so sorry OP, seems like your dad needs to think before he goes mudslinging

Wow, seven comments, and only one deserving a like. Of course, I didn't like mine, that's just bad taste.

That's pretty inconsiderate of him. Hope you had a wonderful wedding though OP!

Sorry to hear that OP dads can suck, I hope everything went well

Sooo, let me get this straight. You're otherwise ok with getting mud on you? As long as you're not wearing your white wedding dress?

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It wouldn't have been as big a deal if she had been wearing normal clothes...

Probably he should have done it elsewhere...

Sorry about your dress OP, and the clumsy thought of your father. Make sure when the cake is served to "accidentally" drop yours on him.

Use a subtle glass of red wine over his suit

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Why waste the cake? That shit's probably expensive.

Not to mention It's probably tasty as efff.

I rather waste cake over wine any day... go with the cake OP!!

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He seems really happy of you getting married

This has to be sarcasm. Right? Please tell me it is.

If I may play Devil's Advocate, it COULD be fine. It may have been dry mud, meaning it would easily fall off and is unlikely to leave a mark, and OP was complaining more about her dad being inconsiderate, on her special day no less, than the dress actually being ruined. I say this because clapping your boots together is great when mud is dry but isn't really effective when it's wet. If you wanted to remove wet mud you'd wipe it on some grass or something.

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Mud is wet dirt. When it dries, it is no longer mud.

Fair enough, never really thought about it like that. I don't think a lot of people use the term like that though...personally if I've seen something as mud and then I've seen it dry then I'll think of it as dried mud. Think of mud huts - technically dirt huts but still called mud huts.

Wow OP, Really sorry for you, hopefully you could repair the damage

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Wowww, um well yeah, that sucks. Hopefully that didn't ruin your big day.

Don't worry, you fiance/husband will not mind. Men aren't so stuck up about appearances.

And if it's being photographed? What if she's around... *whisper* /judgemental family members/

If those family members think or imply that OP intended to marry in a stained dress, then they can suck it.

Shit, I just realized... It never said OP was marrying a man. Chuck a fail on me then!

its not the hubby or them together the wedding is for its the wife and the special memories it holds. stuff like this can ruin a wedding for a girl.

ccdude, you could not have a more opposite opinion than me if you tried. The ceremony is an expression of love and devotion of two people, publicly stated before God and man. It is not an effing fashion show.

I agree with you. However, some women place such an emphasis on the actual ceremony, rather than the meaning, that events like this can ruin their memories.

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Personally, I would be annoyed at first. But photoshop can make that white dress white again, for the final copies of the pictures. It would make a pretty funny story to share. "My dad totally covered me in mud before I walked down the aisle..." Hopefully OP has a good wedding and a great marriage. If that is the only thing that goes wrong--and inevitably something always does--then Op is lucky. There are so many FMLs on here and in real life where the groom doesn't show up, family tries to kill one another, etc.

Wow, sorry to hear that OP. Hope your dress isn't ruined!

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I think to solve the problem, you should push him down a hill. A muddy hill.