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By lynn - 17/02/2010 06:30 - United States

Today, I found out my cousin - who suffers from bipolar disorder - shot herself in the chest and has only a 20 percent chance of living. I told my boyfriend, while crying, and he held me for a few minutes. As soon as I got quiet, he pulled out his iPhone and started playing a shooter game. FML
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Your boyfriend probably thinks people respawn in real life like in CoD.

naww that's pretty sad :( if he did it on purpose I think he deserves a punch in the face . but maybe it was a coinsidence :o


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That's soo slack

That's not funny. Are you an idiot?

yer that's sick but really really funny sorry op hope he gets better

lol wow you guys are all overreacting, maybe he was bored.

damn gurl, suicide is -10 points tell her to square up and aim down her sights like a ranger does it.

smack that pendejo upside the head, dump him if it happens again, he needs to learn what respect and sympathy is

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I hope ur cousin gets better , and ur boyfriend is an idiot

ur bfs a fagg•t! Dump his horny a$$

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that's not funny!! your sick and the boyfriend is an idiot!!

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well why should he give a sht


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lmao, I do that too in akward situations

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EPIC win?

Bf has a cruel yet suprisingly funny sense but unfortunately I'm not a comedian I'm a carpenter but sometimes at night I pretend I'm a plumber and I feel a little better but still lol your funny huh yep you want to keep reading what's stoping you nothing you want the truth you can't handle the truth huh you want it anyway okay then you have herpes and 9 std's your going to die but what do I know I'm just a doctor.

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@31 I don't know about you but someone must earn my respect. Failing to commit suicide (as of the time of the FML) isn't the best way to do that. Sympathy only applies to those people I care about so yes maybe have some sympathy but sympathy isn't going to change anything so it is pointless.

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stfu beaner

you reminded him he was about to level up :p and who says 20% chance? it's always 50% die, or live. anddd if she wanted to die why not let her? she's gonna feel even worse when she finds out she can't even do that right.

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What was he suppose too say? If it was his cousin then maybe he might feel something, but for someone he doesn't know, why would he care, i'm sure i wouldn't. Plus who leaves a gun close too someone with a disorder? i'd just be thinking of the stupidity of the people that supposebly take care of her.

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I completely agree, that is very sad-I hope your cousin recovers and tell your bf to be a little less of an ass

that is so mean. grow up, and show some sympathy.

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Obviously if the cousin is an adult, they could buy their OWN gun, it's not hard. Plus they might live alone and no one would know they had a gun.

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take a statistics course, that's not true. that's like saying there's a 50% chance of winning the lottery, because you either win or lose. just because there are two possible outcomes doesn't mean they're both equally likely. anyway OP I'm sorry about your situation and hopefully your boyfriend just wasn't thinking when he did that. don't let some of these comments affect you, some people are just really rude and need to grow up.

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I'm sorry that happened but ur bf sounds like a douchebag... I hope ur cousin is alright

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ahahahaha bored? he is supost to be comforting her. and if you hadint noticed he started to play a SHOOTING game. that's just mean.

retarded boyfriend and I hope ur cousin lives

BANG BANG He shouldve shot himself in the head. Pussy.

@91 Epic win!

The fact that he couldn't bother caring about the fact that his girlfriend was hurting enough to stay off a game (and a shooter no less) for the night/day. doesn't matter if he gives two shits about the cousin.

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... What game was he playing?

come on I don't freakin blame him it being all sad and stuff!! He wants 2 brighten up his day a little! :P

What game was it? "Eliminate Pro" Haha.... I am a horrible person...

nah it was prolly a spas

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whoever finds this funny is fucked up in the head

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that's not something to laugh at, she has a mental disorder and she might die but ofcourse none of you assholes care about anything that happens on this earth unless it has to do with deep fried donuts. this is why our society is de-evolving

i find it nit funny at all

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You know what will be funny? Your death.

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#75-bleedinginside. You are shit! He should care, if he loves his girlfriend.

Because someone us just gonna do the same EXACT same thing again

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I call fake. if she was bipolor and shot herself, wouldn't she only be shooting half of herself? so if one half has 20 percent chance the other has 100. Ergo, averaged out she actually has 60 percent chance to live. you're welcome and have a nice day.

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hahaha!! its good to live in america!

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I guess u just got yours? Lmao I have an iPhone and shooting apps are fun but this story is sick 

I think 127 is thinking of scizophrenia

dump that faggot

naww that's pretty sad :( if he did it on purpose I think he deserves a punch in the face . but maybe it was a coinsidence :o

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coinsididence of what? that doesn't make sense

shooter game? shot herself? get it?

Because she shot herself shooting games are forbidden for him now? Be happy he didn't burst out laughing like a lot of guys would. Hope your cousin lives though.

no like, maybe the guy wasn't thinking , maybe he just had an urge to play a shooting game . either way he's really stupid or an asshole..

wow ur bf is an ass lose him asap

is not sad she did it to her self

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that's rude

you obviously have a big family and/or aren't close to any of your cousins. one of my cousins is my best friend and if I found out something like this i'd be devastated. besides, 20% isn't a big chance. OP, I'm sorry. hopefully your cousin will be ok.

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She said 20% chance OF living that's 80% she Gunna ie

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agree with Nateesha, that's pretty friking mean, rude and ... mean

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..agreed with #47. It's just harsh.

video tapes as in creapy uncle type pedo video tapes?

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if it makes y'all feel any better my mom has liver failure and other problems with a 30 percent chance of living but she has been sick my whole life

your a fuckin asshole! go die piece of shit.

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you rude asshole

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what are u?? The fucking Devil??? BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER

If you were my cousin I'd test it on you, then we'll see who's laughing.

Are you fucking sick in the head or something?

dump that fucker.

thats pretty messed up i hope they do ok! at least he held u and didnt laugh r anything like sme people do in tense situations. :/

yea, he did try to be helpful, then he played one shooting game, it's better then laughing, he probably didn't even notice. srry bout ur cousin thought, he'll be ok.

That's pretty Douche-ish :/

Your boyfriend probably thinks people respawn in real life like in CoD.

^^ epic win LOL

I have to remind myself of that all the time. like if I'm about to try something dangerous I'll look around for the X button. when I don't find it I'm like "oh yeah. this is real life. I shouldn't play on the train tracks because I could die forever." I almost ended up in some embarassing situations.

Haha, no perks in real life either. :(

cod is a bad game learn 2 chrono trigger

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15 win

I don't they?

tis k, if one thing video games taught me it's that when you do die. You respawn. tenth prestige 70 xx

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fyl, fycl, and dyb

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translation please? :D

Fuck Your Life, Fuck Your Cousin's Life and Dump Your Boyfriend. lickmyjock is my hero :)

I believe it's: FYCL = F**ck your cousin's life, DYB = Dump your boyfriend. -Oh Fernando.. you beat me =P But I agree with the above.

Nooooooo. it's Free Yummy Lemons. Free Yummy Coned Lice aaaaaand Did You Brick?