By arianelagolden - 05/05/2016 18:07 - Belgium - Nivelles

Today, my 4 year-old grand-daughter let her pet rabbit loose in the yard, while my 2 year-old grandson was trying to climb on a chair, then a table. I had to choose between catching the rabbit before it ran under the fence, or saving my grandson from falling on the concrete terrace. FML
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All is well that ends well. Of course I chose to save the kid! Seriously! First I got my grand-son off the table, then I caught the rabbit on time, then I told the kids they could not do what they had done. When the parents returned, they told me this happens all the time. As there is a huge dog in the neighbours' yard, I don't think the rabbit will last long if they are not more careful.

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Obviously your grandson would come first? How is that a choice?

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I really hope you chose the kid. You can replace a bunny


Obviously your grandson would come first? How is that a choice?

Because a bunny is part of a family too. And it's not the grandson's fault, if he got hurt, the granddaughter should get spanked hard. It's her fault since she let the bunny out.

Please don't procreate with your idiocy.

Probably because although the child will get hurt, he'll still be around. The rabbit is most definitely a goner after escaping. That's my justification anyways. Maybe OP hates their grandson. *shrugs*

You'd care about a rabbit going missing more than potential death? A child falling and hitting his head on concrete could do so much irreparable damage.. How would you feel telling his parents that you chose to save a rabbit which you could go looking for later then their sons health and safety?

Well it's easy for us to look at all the points and rebuttals from the comfort of our smartphones, but OP had maybe a second to think. I'm not making a statement, just suggesting to grant her a little levity.

to be honest I think OP just meant they were in a lose lose situation. either the grandson gets hurt physically or the granddaughter gets hurt emotionally by losing her rabbit. who to save is an easy choice but the situation sucks regardless

I think it's more that the choice had to be made in the first place. You'd choose the grandson, of course, but "today, my granddaughter let her pet rabbit loose. It ran under the fence" is still a worthy FML.

#54 How on earth is it potential death? Have you never fallen before? Kids fall all the time, it's what they do. Talk about dramatic.

Except if he fell straight on his head, that's the potential death. Yes, kids fall all the time, usually not on their heads though.

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A 2 year old falling on concrete from any hight. No ability to full balance or cover to protect certain parts like his head from injury or fear of injury. Too delicate and would likely be death or permanent brain damage. I think people don't understand that you need to protect toddlers from themselves.

That's her grandson... she's his granma... do I have to explain it to you?

When I was really young, I climbed into the bathroom sink, turned the faucet on, slipped and fell onto my head, cried, then went up there again only to slip. Let's just say I made it through childhood alright.

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Really? Spank a 4 y/o for letting out her pet bunny? If anything her parents should have put a better lock on the cage. It's obvious she would set the bunny free because she's 4 YEARS OLD. It's more the parents fault.

heroqucas 25

I really hope you chose the kid. You can replace a bunny

Ok yes I completely agree that she should of picked the kid no question but you can't replace a bunny, pets are part of the family in a way! But she should of still picked the kid

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You don't "replace" pets. That's how you get people who won't take care of the animals they're responsible for because they think they can just get another one

#2 I don't think her granddaughter is going to see it that way. If my dog ran away, I wouldn't be thinking that I can just get another dog. I'd want my dog back.

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It would teach the 4 year old not to be so careless with her pet though.

You obviously don't have kids. 4 year olds notice.

heroqucas 25

I suppose those are valid points, but people lose pets all the time. Some are found, and I hope this one is, but animals have much shorter life spans and therefore would have to be replaced (if wanted) at some point anyway

But in the only game you can get Pikachu as a starter in, you don't have a choice in choosing it...

Dude, it's a joke, not a dick. Don't take it so hard.

#6 Ash always said, "I choose you, Pikachu", or whatever during a battle. I think that is what the reference refers to.

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You can always replace a bunny, a grandson might be a little more difficult.

Why is there a choice? Your grandson is the choice. Forget the rabbit.

So you decided to write an FML instead?

chose the rabbit and regret..and fml

Understanding sarcasm is a sign of a healthy mind.

So how does the boy feel after the fall?

This suddenly made me think of the Walking Dead game where you had to choose who to save in a short amount of time, except here, I seriously hope you chose your grandson and not the rabbit.