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Today, it was my high school graduation. Because our school colors were red, black and white, and our principal looked somewhat like Hitler, the senior class prank was to salute him when he finished his speech. I was the only one. FML
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By  AnneFTW  |  17

That was a pretty lame prank anyway. & your whole class must be real goodie-goodies if they wouldn't even do that. But it was only a salute, I'd say about 3 people saw, get over it.

  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

You do realize many people DID live through it? And it could very well be there grandparents, who told stories or lost their lives and saved their children? So YOU shut the fuck up. 'Kay?

  blehargh  |  0

It's a PRANK. Obviously Hitler was chosen for the prank because he was an EVIL person. You wouldn't do a prank in which, say, you compared the principal to Jesus. Hitler being used in a prank means the guy acknowledges that Hitler was a bad person.


I'd do a prank about Jesus. And I'm Catholic (supposedly) so suck it.

And as for the Jew; I feel ya. My Dad is Jewish, so Ihave the bloodline, and though I was raised Catholic, I'm still proud of my heritage, and get she for having Jewish bloodline all the time.

  virgilwoods  |  0

90% of Jews (Ashkenazis, Euro-Russo) aren't even real Semites..

I'm Semitic myself, and I know for a fact that the whole Hitler tried to kill every one of us is a load of shit, it's a Jewish secret, I'm telling ya guys, you heard it from a real Semitic bastard :D

Anyway, Sieg Heil, I'd so have done that if I was in the same situation!

By  AnneFTW  |  17

That was a pretty lame prank anyway. & your whole class must be real goodie-goodies if they wouldn't even do that. But it was only a salute, I'd say about 3 people saw, get over it.

  Bleep_fml  |  0

If he's speaking about an actual salute, it's more probable that everyone noticed. It's not just raising an arm, it's also jumping up and yelling Sieg Heil.

  heyyou1203  |  0

Dude, what's the website you used to do that google thing?! (not, the one u put into that) it's hilarious!

And I'll agree w/ everyone saying FYL, b/c I've def been in situations where everyone gets really excited about something, like a prank or a stunt, but then when it gets to game time they all chicken out and I'm the only one w/ balls... and i don't physically have them!

Also, pretty much every racial/religious/whatever group has been persecuted or discriminated against sometime in history (Irish in the US, Christians in Roman times), and there have been genocides much greater than the one in Europe during WWII, ones that are still going on (Rwanda or Darfur anyone?). So if you think you're somehow immune to criticism just b/c of who your ancestors are, stfu. Yea racism is awful, but you're no more entitled than anyone else.


118 you're a moron. it's racist because the class associate the german flag with being a Nazi. the Nazis all died 60 years ago so it's pretty ignorant to brand Germany as a Nazi country in this day and age. learn to read and actually understand

  TEQ_Thomas  |  12

The German flag is RED, Black and YELLOW! So you can associate it the Nazi flag, wich was red and black. I'm just saying.. ;) I won't go into the normative aspect of this joke, I think enough people have done that already! ;)

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

Aww that's not cool. I love senior pranks though; they're the one thing I look forward to at the end of the year. The past two years they have royally sucked though. They're not worth mentioning.

Nice to know that your fellow classmates fucked you nice and hard on that one.

  Holybatman  |  16

Her? That's pretty sad. During speeches, my junior high principal liked to point at things by using the Nazi salute, but no one called her Hitler, and we never saluted her.

EDIT: This was a reply to #12, not #10

  wink568  |  0

A lot of schools don't allow caps being tossed in the air, due to the corners on the caps. I know my school didn't, and they enforced by not actually giving you your diploma when you walked, so you picked it up after the ceremony. That way, they could withhold it if you did something during the ceremony.

  sahara_fml  |  0

My school threatened the same thing, but so many people tossed their caps in the air anyway (something like 90% of us) that they just gave them to us anyway.

  Bella_Nyx  |  0

Our school warned us that if we threw our caps that they'd hold our diplomas. No one bothered to care because we figured that if enough of us tossed them they wouldn't be able to figure out how did and who didn't, but there were still a lot of people who were a little afraid of not getting their diplomas and final transcripts...