By givemechange - 06/04/2011 09:27 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend and I flew to another country to see a concert. He said he'd carry all the cash and tickets in his wallet, so I left my bag at the hotel. He got so drunk, five minutes into the show he took off leaving me stranded in a strange city with no means of getting back to the hotel. FML
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Im the OP. Here's a bit more information on what happened, as the fml format only allows 300 characters. We were going to a Slayer and Megadeath show, so I dont know if anyone who said "bring your purse, der," has ever been to a heavy metal show, but its not exactly the safest place to be carrying around a bag as it can easily be lost/stolen/ripped off of you in the craziness of the mosh pit. Also, it was Barcelona, which is notorious for pick pockets/thieves. The reason I gave my boyfriend all my money/ticket is because we live togather, have been dating for a long time, obviously I trust him, and know that he can take care of himself as he is trained in JuJitsu and MMA. Not that kind of guy you would pick pocket. And for whomever said " Why didnt you just follow him, der," well that would be because his stupid ass left me while I was in the bathroom and he was suppose to be waiting outside holding my drink. I did have my key to the hotel room, which was my only life line, and eventually found a cab driver nice and sympathetic enough to take me back to the hotel free of charge, because at this point I was cleary distraut. Yes, my boyfriend was selfish, moronic, careless and a being a drunk bafoon, but the story has a happy ending, I'm alive and well. ( And this was the first time anything like this has ever happened.)

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Who the hell is crazy enough to put all their money and their tickets in their wallet when they travel? And, even more, who is stupid enough to say so? Furthermore, why would you be naive enough to go with that and have no other means of support. I vote FAIL all the way around.

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You can't trust a man to carry everything. Did he hold your tampons too?


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well if the girl followed him she wouldn't be lost. common sence. herp a derp.

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You fault for leaving it up to men to remember things. Do your job!

Someone's gonna have to be a prostitute for a while.

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then how did she write this FML???

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her fault, she should of followed.....

Today, my ... concert ... drunk. You deserved it. Next batch of FMLs please.

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what is wrong with you people?! she doesn't have to follow her boyfriend every where he goes, wtf? how did she write this fml??? are you serious? its not like she never got to the place!

Sounds like someone is gonna be a prostitute for a while.

honestly this fml sounds like the beginning to another hostel film OR a straight to DVD film produced by the national lampoon organization.

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Cell phone or computer and even thought it says today, the fml doesn't have to take place that day baka.

you ALWAYS bring cash with you! no matter what! bloody hell!!! and u were in another country? smh ...ill assume you've learned your lesson mate

YDI for letting him walk out. YDI for not knowing your way back.

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I would burn his house down. When you got back home of course. :)

What if they live together. :p Plus to get that drunk 5 minutes in is a bit lame

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that's y no one would date u and your a nasty

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Pretty sure I'm not nasty in any way. And I'm engaged to be married so go *** yourself.

Well I think she's beautiful. So ha.

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I'm pretty sure this girl is in no way an arsonist. For FML commenters, you'd think you'd have a better sense of humour. Even if it wasn't funny. At all. You've been two-cents'ed.

3- It's girls like you.... please ladies think about this first. burning down asshole boyfriends homes is the primary factor in global warming. Instead, I suggest kicking him in the balls so you can do your part to ending the primitive bloodlines that got us in this situation in the first place :) oh and congrats 3, I hope you don't have to put ur steel toes on or light any matches with him :P

Man you guys are so ridiculous- 1st it was a joke and 2nd **** that dude, Op could have been killed or stolen or worse ditched in an unfamiliar location in a foreign country with no cash.

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painlessmind 11

wow I guess I can't say someone is hot

yeah! burn it...and then burn him, and piss all over his ashes!

yes you can, but I guess you chose inappropriate words...either way, she's taken (although rather young to get married)

Who the hell is crazy enough to put all their money and their tickets in their wallet when they travel? And, even more, who is stupid enough to say so? Furthermore, why would you be naive enough to go with that and have no other means of support. I vote FAIL all the way around.

I agree, my grandmother always told us to keep enough "mad money" on us so we could call a cab and get home "just in case".

don't give advice nor your opinion because that was just utter stupidity right there.

I think, as is often the case with FML's, you really have enough info to decide something like that. I'd say that if it's a one time thing, not that big of a deal. I've had friends that ditched me before b/c they were drunk. I was pissed, but that's no reason to pronounce an exile on them. Now, if he does that kind of stuff on a regular basis, maybe. Although, from the context, it doesn't sound like that is the case.

Maybe you Shouldn't have left your bag? Just in case something happens?

I'm guessing you made it home alive and didn't get kidnapped or anything... Right?