By Malíya - 04/05/2015 21:02 - United States - Perth Amboy

Today, while riding the subway a homeless man got on asking for money. I went to give him a dollar but he refused because I was "of the Asian persuasion." FML
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rude. beggers ain't choosers. didn't deserve your dollar anyway

A dollar for you to keep. Don't spend it all in one place ;)


A dollar for you to keep. Don't spend it all in one place ;)

I say spend it on Chinese food and give it to him.

Beggars can't be choosers, and apparently you needed the money more than him. A kind gesture is never without reward, so cheer up OP, you get to keep a dollar!

rude. beggers ain't choosers. didn't deserve your dollar anyway

While I agree with what you said, can I put a different perspective on it. Let me say first it is no excuse but depending on their age, he could be a veteran from the Vietnam War. In which case he may still have some negative feelings there. Still not really an excuse.

Who said he was Vietnamese?

For a lot of people, it's very hard to tell from which Oriental country someone is descended from.

Am I a bad person for laughing at this? "Asian of persuasion" I can't...I just can't lol!!

Yea you are a pretty bad person. Not as bad as me though... I put the cauc in Caucasian.

Im actually really tired and wanted the last post to work .... Poorly executed on my part ... Sorry ahead of time .

#4 "Asian persuasion" And what "can't" you do? Don't leave us hanging…

You "just can't lol"? Although you said that you were laughing? Which one is it then?

I guess he can't be persuaded to be Asian. I've got a brick, and I'm ready to try

It's pretty crappy that he turned your money down. But, at the same time, he doesn't deserve your money if he's going to be so rude when you were offering your help.

The world is still terribly racist and judgmental, it's a shame.

Agreed. I think kids/teens are meanest, being a 13 year old little Asian girl myself. But hey, we've all been racist once in our life, whether or not it was purposefully.

"Asian Persuasion" sounds pretty cool when you say it aloud.

It does sounds cool but the meaning behind it is just mean. Lol

Oh crap I didn't mean to press 'you deserved it' so so sorry. It's actually such an awful thing that guy said to you

Well done OP! You did a really generous thing by offering him money, don't let his refusal of it overshadow that!

The person probably has mental health issues.