By Jack.mercado - 19/03/2016 16:58 - United States

Today, being the new driver I am, I was trying to keep my speed at posted because I know that cops will target me. I ended up getting pulled over for my too-low speed and given a ticket because I was holding up a line of cars. FML
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JMichael 25

This just goes to show that being "too" careful also has consequences.

Don't worry driving will hopefully get easier... strange how he didn't just give you a warning considering you're a new driver


JMichael 25

This just goes to show that being "too" careful also has consequences.

Don't worry driving will hopefully get easier... strange how he didn't just give you a warning considering you're a new driver

I didn't get a warning my first time. Then again I was doing 24mph over and rising when he caught me.

Well that was smart.. #52

YourOpinionSucks 22

Depending on where they are from, OP could potentially fight this and win.

This has been edited from when I originally saw it in the moderation section, it originally stated that OP got a ticket despite going the speed limit...

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Except you're wrong, if you're going too far below the speed limit the police can pull you over for impeding traffic

#5 driving too slow poses a danger to other drivers as well, thus it is a citation. As barren as my state is, there are still minimum and maximum speed limits. OP, go with the flow, and use your blinkers religiously.

He/she said he was going the posted speed limit though so he shouldn't be ticketed

as long as he was going at least the speeding limit he shouldn't get a ticket

Having to take time out of your life to first plead "not guilty" and then yet another day for the court date, and hope that the judge will side with you is an even bigger FML. It all depends how much the ticket is to figure out if it's worth missing 2 days of ex: work.

He broke the law. Its called obstructing traffic. It's one of those laws you don't hear much about, like driving in the left lane for too long.

He should have went with the flow of traffic. That's the best way to avoid a ticket.

It's not obstructing traffic if you're going the speed limit, which op said he was.

SalsaVerdeDonut 22

Was OP going the actual speed limit, or following the speed by going slower than the posted limit? There's a difference. Going 40 in a 40 is okay. Going 25 in an 40 is too slow, especially if they were in the left lane.

Speed limit is a teicky one. Yes you have to go the speed limit but you are taught in driving school ( at least I was ) to go the same speed as everyone else is going. I.e. You're on the freeway with the speed limit is 65mph but everyone is going 80mph, you have to go 80 mph or else you're a danger to everyone else

Are you a sovereign citizen?

katachristic 19

It's still obstructing traffic. Traffic laws exist primarily for safety. If everyone else is speeding is safer to match speed than to do your own thing. Fun fact: cops can ticket you for literally anything and call it "reckless driving" because that's entirely based on off their opinion.

What #53 said. Cops can give tickets even if you're going exactly the speed limit. Mostly because if you're going too slow it is in fact reckless driving because you're causing a dangerous obstacle for the people going over the speed limit.

My only issue with the whole go with the speed of traffic is they'll get you for going over even if you are only speeding to keep up with the flow of traffic. They usually get the last person in that line. But I've seen them nab the person in the middle or front before.

First off, op said he was "trying" to go the posted speed limit, so I assume he fell under for awhile and that's when he got the ticket. And secondly, 15, although it is time consuming, if you take the time to go an fight a ticket, the majority of the time they will bring the price down (usually half it), at least here in Canada. My dad and brother fight almost every ticket they get and every time they fight it, they get it reduced. I think the judge just knows that there are often extenuating circumstances and that most people speed (himself included) and figures if you care enough to show up and fight then it's ok to cut the price down a bit. You can plead guilty with a reason. Example: "yes judge, I was speeding, but I was going down a hill," "yes judge, I was speeding, but I was passing someone" etc. In this case if op took the time to fight it, he has a good argument and would most likely get the fine reduced by quite a bit. And when a fine is a hundred bucks or more, that's a lot of money to save. All op has to say is "this was my first time driving and I was being extra cautious and trying to stay the exact speed limit. I was unaware that I went under for a bit. I now know it's better to stick to the flow of traffic." Might be worth doing op depending on the price.

If he was in the left lane (for 100% sure, right lane depends on speed) its not worth fighting because it will just be a waste of money and time because it IS illegal.

OP was going the speed limit, that's the problem. Yes going too slow and impeding traffic is dangerous but in that case, if the speed limit is too slow, they should increase the speed limit

The flow of traffic is usually speeding, if the cop happens to radar your car then you will get the ticket even if everyone else was doing the same thing

reading all your comments, no wonder there are so many road fatalities in the US. Here you MUST do the speed limit. you get a ticket for going 2mph over, even if EVERYONE is going over the speed limit. OP should fight it.

also, if you're in the front of the line, which you would have to be to be holding the line up, you cannot " go with the flow" because you are setting the flow of traffic in your lane.

"fight it" you're one of THOSE people that disrespect police. Bugger off mate

ohsnapword 21

I had something like that happen to me. About a week later, I got stopped for speeding. I said to the officer "the last one told me I was going to slow". He had a sense of humor and let me off with a warning. I'd fight it, the judge might dismiss it.

nataliewby 25

I would most definitely fight the ticket, especially since OP is a new driver in the US. I got one speeding ticket here in Massachusetts and they suspended my license for 90 days, I have to pay a $500 reinstatement fee, take two $80 4 hour road rage classes, and retake my written and road test. If OP values the privilege to drive, they should definitely fight the ticket like I should have done

How much were you going over to lose your licence with one ticket? Either you were going over by a lot, or you already have had previous tickets and points removed and this took of the rest of your points.

#77 At least in my state if you get caught speeding and given a ticket within your first 6 months (maybe year?) of driving you get your license suspended

nataliewby 25

#77, I was going 15 over. It was my first ever offense. I am under 18 and have a Junior Operators License which means that if I get one ticket for anything I lose my license for a predetermined amount of days and am required to take classes. Again, I live in Massachusetts and we have some of the harshest punishments when it comes to the law. Google speeding offense JOL Massachusetts if you would like more information.

nataliewby 25

Oops! I should also mention I was on a highway, not a side street if that helps put it into better perspective

You were going 15 over.. You deserved the "harsh punishment". Smh. In California, if you're under 10 mph over the limit you're good.

As long as you were going at the posted speed you shouldn't have been pulled over. Going under the speed limit however...

That depends. the laws differ from state to state but if you are impeding the flow of traffic, you may still be ticketed. Generally speaking you should be travelling about the same speed as traffic around you.

CheekyRaccoon 27

You'd have to be going pretty slow to create a line behind you. Please tell me that you're not the person who drives at 40 in a 60 zone. Going 5 under the speed limit should be just fine, if you want to go slow but not too slow.

katachristic 19

Not at all. Aggregates are very sensitive to trickle down changes. If the highway is going 60 and you drop to 55, the person behind you has a slightly delayed reaction and has to slow down more rapidly to not hit you, and then even more so for the person behind them, and so on until someone actually has a full stop. One person at the front of full speed line can cause a 20 min traffic jam in 5 seconds under the right conditions.

Well you're taught when driving don't ever be too close to someone just incase they need to slow down or stop suddenly.

When driving keep with the flow of traffic but never go faster then 5mph over the posted speed limit. And when in the high way stay in the right lane people might pass you but you will get to your destination safe a sound. I'm still a new driver myself and I see people going way over the speed limit a lot and every time I just think what the hurry.

Agrith 19

In Illinois the speed limit is just a suggestion. Barring additional circumstances, you should be going at least 5 miles faster than the speed limit, more if you're on the interstate.

actually no. the speed limit in Illinois is a speed limit like anywhere else. you should go 5mph over max. The interstate is a different story though however the cops can pull you over for any amount over the posted limit.

SheepShoop_fml 20

#14, Trying to put a written set of 'rules' on how those of us near Chicago drive is more trouble than anything else. And will still get you a ticket...

"Should" is a word that will get people visiting Illinois in trouble, taking your advice. I know in some places (residential and highway) you can get away with 10-15 mph over the posted limit, but guess what? The law is what is posted. Just because you can, doesn't mean some fresh-out-of-school cop or even one in a bad mood won't pull you over. And they'd be in the right.