By NotSoTypical - 29/09/2013 23:30 - United States

Today, I was using the bathroom at McDonald's when my wallet fell out of my pocket. A lady reached into my stall and tried to grab it. FML
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Hello, OP here! So you FMLers know, my wallet now goes in safe places when I use the bathroom( ie. My purse or backpack.) I was actually in the process of reaching down to pick it up when her hand appeared in my stall, from under the door. I didn't step on her hand, but thought about it. I did yell at her and report her to management, though. She has actually stolen other people's wallets, so I guess I am lucky.

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You've kept me at suspense OP... Did she get it??

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This is literally what I said in my head before I read your comment.

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Op said "tried to grab it," not "grabbed it," so I think the wallet is safe. At any rate, I hope Op stepped on her fingers! :O

Forget stepping on her fingers, I would have pissed on her.

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Is she really that desperate for money? Wait..she's eating at McDonalds. Answered my own question.

#34 you just made my day hahaha i could imagine the picture in my head

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I would have stepped on her hand and pissed on her arm. Just me?

Next time that happens she should just step on her fingers...

Some people just.....just make you wonder. How the hell are you going to try and take someone's wallet? 1. You're in two seperats stalls, your hand shouldn't even be in any other stall besides yours! 2. You know someone is in the stall next to you, but you still try and take it anyway. I bet if you asked her why she did it, she would've said, "I didn't know you were in there.".....-_- If I were you I would've just shit on her hand. Imagine how fast she'd be running out her stall...

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Stomp on the ******* hand! Crush her ****** fingers!

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..... What???? Seriously... this stupid hashtag shit.

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You need to reevaluate your life choices..

My bad. I don't even know how I did that? It was at 3:30 in the morning. I'm sorry.

Welcome to our quaint little community of FML we have our regulars, our "almost there" comments, grammar nazis and a fair share of assholes. You brought that #shit in and now we invite you to get the **** out.

That is one if my favorite comments of all time.

No....just no. How does that even make sense? Like wtf?

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It's Mcdonalds and weird ***** are bound to happen

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Just imagine what would have happened if it had been in Walmart...

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Golden_warrior, I always see you reply to a comment with negative votes and have a comment with positive votes...

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Damn. Thirsty people are McDonald's these days...

#25- woah, being "ghetto" doesn't make you like that, in fact there are people who live in the "ghetto" that are very helpful towards others. I should know because I lived there. please do not generalize people who do stupid, selfish and ignorant things as "ghetto"

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Not everyone in the ghetto is ghetto and not all ghetto people live in the ghetto. It's just a clear and concise description of behavior that is fairly universally understood.

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I hope you stomped on her hand.

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maybe she needed money for a happy meal