By nevercatchabreak - 31/08/2013 08:16 - United States - Burgettstown

Today, tired of everyone forgetting my birthday, I traveled half way around the world to spend my 40th at a five star resort just to try and make it special. The hotel brought me a cake with someone else's name on it. FML
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Well cake is cake! Sorry op I know how you feel you need to go and find some new friends who really care!

At least you got a cake. Happy birthday OP


Well cake is cake! Sorry op I know how you feel you need to go and find some new friends who really care!

Just because they forgot his birthday doesn't mean they don't care about him. I've forgotten my own birthday before, along with the rest of my family, and only realized it two days later. Birthdays aren't really that big of a deal.

I agree with Welshite. I've forgotten my birthday a billion times (I'm very old) and I don't like a big deal being made out of it, either. People care, OP. Just because they can't remember the exact date you were born doesn't mean they dislike you.

I wholeheartedly agree, birthdays are very overrated. When my nephew was first born (twenty years to the day after myself), I used to think of his age in terms of MY birthday. Now I remember my own age in terms of HIS birthday.

At least you got a cake. Happy birthday OP

You are either surrounded by jerks or you need to change. Happy birthday

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I'm pretty fucking sure that, "with someone else's name on it" means that it was a different name, not Op's name misspelled.

How would they know it was OP's birthday?

Clumsycarolyn gets a cake for her birthday. It reads Big Dick on the top. 'I guess they forget how to spell my name.'

Meanwhile, someone else got a cake with your name on it. Apparently you're not even special enough to have a unique disappointment on your birthday. It's okay though, OP. I think you're special. Oh so special.

Don't worry, you won't be able to read it when its in your stomach. Light a candle and make a wish!

As a joke, my last cake read, "Happy Birthday Hood-Rat". It was still just as delicious! :P

Don't let that bring you down, enjoy your birthday regardless. If you travelled bc you expected no one would remember, then what does it matter if the hotel goofed. If anything, you can make them feel bad about it and possible get free stuff!

First world problems. You're at a 5 star resort eating cake while children are starving.

At least the airline got your name correct. That's a plus!

Yeah as well as the tax dep.

Pfft, still got cake!

Oh well, hope you had a good birthday anyway. Happy Birthday by the way.