The most important member of the family

By puppydrama - 30/01/2013 21:05 - United States

Today, my dad and his new wife got their wedding pictures done. Out of over 150 pictures, I was only in one. The family dog was in all of them. In the one picture of me, I was holding the dog's leash while he took a dump. FML
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Maybe the dog is more photogenic than you.

well we know who's top dog in that household.


Maybe the dog is more photogenic than you.

ThePsyche 9

The poop picture just brings out your beautiful eyes OP, don't feel bad.

Or maybe the dog's fecal matter is more photogenic than OP...

OP should cut out funny pictures of his face and glue them over the wedding photos.

royalsgrl 14

Maybe they love the dog more lol

shitty + pun = shun. I shun the shitty pun.

How do you know the dog was a Bitch? It could have been a boy dog

Inediblepeaches 15

It's a male dog. "while *he* took a dump." "Bitch" is only referring to a female dog.

Sorry. I was trying to be clever so I could be one of those top comments. I guess my comment was kinda uncalled for. :s

This bitch said it was a " boy dog" Bitch bye.

well we know who's top dog in that household.

At least they are animal lovers! But seriously fyl op

I'm an animal lover too. I love to eat them. Tastes so good.

Yeah.. all you guys who thumbed me down act like you don't eat meat. *takes a bite of steak*

I don't, actually. As for you, OP. sounds like your dad and stepmonster love their furbaby more than you. That really blows. They should remember who will pick their nursing home when they get old.

KiddNYC1O 20

And what is up with your wardrobe??

This is when you get up, go to the bathroom, take an iPad selfie, get it printed, and frame it next to your parents' new wedding photo.

cuz selfie cameras are just that high quality

This is our kid, fido. This is our other kid, fidos brother.

perdix 29

The dog doesn't remind your dad of your mother. Any more questions?

Astute point. He must feel like shit if that is the truth, although I don't think it's the case.

You probably wanted to say "doesn't remind his new wife about his old wife".

What if he's drunk, and already home?! :P

I think this is the case, although it doesn't have to be her dad who is thinking that, but maybe his new wife? I'm sorry OP

Way to make the whole day all about you OP.. A dog is man's best friend.

Except for that 5 mins after you step in its poop and your having that thought 'why the ****, did I get such a big dog', this is coming from me, who owns a King Shepard. I call them land mines...