By Anonymous - 07/06/2013 19:32 - Canada - Montr?al

Today, my band and I played at our first ever real gig. Our drummer turned up high out of his damn mind. After ruining our act with his godawful performance, he screamed "HELL YEAH!" then ran and dove off the stage into a nearly non-existent audience. We were told to never come back. FML
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I'm sure that in his trippy mind, it was his best performance ever.


I'm sure that in his trippy mind, it was his best performance ever.

iOceanus 18

It's like that episode of Family Guy where Peter and Lois get high to sing in front of the crowd, and all they're really doing is yelling into the mics.

but I bet he played the hi-hat really good that night!

Its also like the episode in HIMYM where ted thinks bourbon makes him an amazing beat boxer hahaha :D

Why can't I ever be there when this kind of stuff happens?

Right?! Like shit wait for me next time so I can experience that.

Crowd surfing with no crowd = bad idea lol

Misswildsides 22

Hey, he was high. It's not like he knew any better at the moment.

All my friends who get high say they know what they are doing when high.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I would almost understand if he was drunk. Unless he was on some hallucinogen, he should have known better.

Misswildsides 22

Well, I wouldn't know. I don't get high. My bad.

IworkAt711 14

We dont know what he was high on. If he was just smoking weed then he probably would have known better. But he could have been tripping out on mescalin for all we know.

Probably shouldn't have let the high guy play if he was so far gone... some musicians get lucky high, others do not.

If there is a musician that cannot get high for a performance, it is the drummer.

You should have kicked his ass before the show and played acoustic.

The_Piquerist 7

My brothers band has the same problem with their douche bag of a drummer. For some reason they think they are the most important part of the band. Sorry bout ur gig though. Don't worry there will be many more to come

lexi365 20

Drummers are like that because they lead the tempo and all other instruments are dependent of them in a group.

First time I ever read that about drummers. That's the kind of things I have rather heard about guitar players or singers actually. I guess you can play any kind of instrument and still be annoying though.

The_Piquerist 7

They do lead tempo to a degree but are not necessary in a band. You can easily keep the tempo with just two guitarists or a guitarist and a bassist if they have even the slightest bit of talent. In order of importance in a band it goes #1 singer #2 guitarist #3 bassist #4 drummer. (All depending on style of music of course) but that being said no one would just go to see a drummer by him/her self. They are just filler to the background.

ptuts 6

27, Who decided that "order of importance"?

The_Piquerist 7

It's common knowledge 46. Would u go to just see a drummer play? Hell no. Would you go see just a singer? Definitely. Would you go see just an acoustic show? Definitely. Hell I would go see a violinist before seeing just a drummer.

ptuts 6

Um, yeah not every has the same answers to those questions, so I guess it's not "common knowledge" to the me and the other people who obviously don't agree with you.

GSpotMach 8


I would go see a show just for Neil Peart

That must have sucked, op. Well, if you think your band is good, and make sure your drummer never does that again or replace him, you'll get more gigs.

ptuts 6

I like pot and stupidly irrelevant comments

ptuts 6

I liked how you changed my comment. Cool.

Would you like a little sex and rock 'n' roll to go with your drugs?