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By  koalaboy103  |  1

haha have a listen to these people telling others they have poor driving skills, this happens to the best of us ! and yea roundabout is a ozzy slang for anus. in oz we call it roundabout sir. and mate i hope you had insurance ?

  tweetbaby14  |  17

roundabouts suck ass OP I know how you feel. my mom drove the wrong way on one and an old lady and us almost had a head on collision but instead the old lady yelled at us through her window

  dabluedude101  |  0

not true. I had an incident where a van slammed on the brakes on a busy road nowhere near a turnoff or intersection with no tail lights. I only just hit her (flexed fiberglass but that's it.) unfortunately I was rear ended. but the van was ruled at fault. he was trying to get into An accident I'm pretty sure. because all of his lights were broken inside the housings.

  jadedwaitress  |  0

Yours was a rare exception. In general most of those accidents are the fault of the person who did the rear ending. The only exception is when proper warning is not given for stopping or there is sudden stopping for no reason.


If the person's car is unfit for the road (i.e. no brake lights as above) then it would be their fault. But if you rear-end someone it's because you were too close to them. You should always leave at least a 2 second gap and double if wet. So if they stop suddenly you should be able to stop without rear-ending them.

By  Druidlicious  |  0

She stopped, I thought she'd slowed down. $2200 later, I wish I had been paying slightly more attention. Interestingly enough, the lady was hit by a car today as she walked to her car after work. So I guess I'm ahead?


yeah and that sucks! When I came to Australia, I was fooled! we only have this image of sunny beaches and warm weather! Now some days I got to get a scarf! Bouuuuh :'(

Cheers from Melbourne!

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Well that sucks, but YDI because you should be watching where you're going. While driving, your mind should only be on driving. And rear-ending someone is always your fault.