By mallycat14 - 25/06/2015 16:26 - United States - Middleton

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex quite aggressively. Towards the end, he lifted his hips off the bed and then headbutted me in the nose. The only thing that came today was blood all over my new bra. FML
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mallycat14 tells us more.

Hi guys I'm the person that posted this and the reason my bra was still on was because it was a quickie . And we didn't really have time to get completely undressed lol . And no one came because my nose bled everywhere. And on top of that we had no paper towels so I had to use one of his shirts to stop the bleeding right away. And he head butted me on accident . His hips went up too fast and I basically fell into his face....

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Maybe it's telling you not to wear a bra during sex


Shame on him. The bedroom is never the time to immitate 50 Shades of Grey

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Not when you're wearing clothing you like #17 ;) It's a select clothing only zone.

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#1 are you sure the bedroom isn't the right place? When I tried to imitate 50 shades of grey at Barnes and nobles, the police told me the bedroom was the right place???

It's also possible she had one of those babydoll things on, or just a really nice bra! Either way who are we to pass judgement on it

50 shades wasnt real bondage, it is garbage like that that causes the demonization of BDSM

It's possible that it was just lying on the bed and simply got into the way. Or she was wearing a dress and he only removed her panties etc.

If she was wearing a dress she would have said it got on her dress also.

Or she could have grabbed the first thing at hand to staunch the bleeding. Which just happened to be the new bra.

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I sometimes keep mine on, especially if it's a particularly sexy one.

cute bras need to be shown off!! They're too expensive to hide them.

She's in the US. As dictated by movies and tv-series, women must either wear bras or they must do it under L-shaped bed sheets.

You've never been to America before, have you?

Why were you wearing your bra during sex?!

Sometimes things get heated rather quickly, or there's a time crunch, or her boyfriend sucks at taking bras off, or maybe she's not comfortable with her boobs. All sorts of reasons.

Maybe she didn't wear it but it was lying next to her? Like they undressed quickly and just threw their clothes on the bed, they moved during the sex and the bra ended up under/next to her?

thank you for having some intelligence #10 and #26

I hope one day all the people on here remarking on her keeping her bra on get to experience being so eager to hump someone that fully undressing is low on the list of priorities!

She may haze such giant gozongas that abrupt, fast sex hurts em?

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In the OTHER sex room, shouldn't you know by now?

Maybe it's telling you not to wear a bra during sex

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I would up vote this but I don't wanna ruin the +69

A bra is meant to hold your breast up in place, which is not necessary during sex.

I'm pretty sure she knows the function of a bra... Not everyone feels comfortable without one, especially if their breasts are quite large, since it's painful if they're bounced a lot. Not everyone has sex the same way jfc it might've just been a quickie

Hey if they're having "aggressive sex" then maybe it's a kink for her to wear a bra during sex. Or she's insecure about her chest. Or maybe they're so passionate that they didn't bother taking her bra off.