By catdog - 02/01/2013 06:07 - United States - West Sacramento

Today, my neighbor went on vacation, leaving me in charge of his cat and dog. For some reason, he calls his dog "Cat" and his cat "Dog". There are two pet food containers, one labeled "Cat" and the other labeled "Dog". I have no idea which one goes to which animal. FML
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Pour it out and let them choose wat to eat


maneater8 7

Pour it out and let them choose wat to eat

I'm pretty sure the dogs gonna eat up everything. They like anything that fits in their mouth.

CreepInTheCorner 11

My cat always eats my dog's food (he's a German Shepherd). I mean it's possible that the animals could possibly just end up eating the food that they want rather than what they should have. You can smell the food though, they have different scents if you haven't noticed.

This, except they'll probably both go for the cat food. (Dogs *love* cat food!) Then you'll know which is which.

Cat food isn't good for dogs. It could make the dog pretty sick.

Well op doesn't know how to spell "labelled" either

No, I'm pretty sure it's you that doesn't know how to spell "labeled" correctly.

104: Actually... Dog food is even worse for cats then cat food is to dogs... Cats are completely carnivorous while dogs are more like omnivores. The cats stomach wasn't made to digest vegetables and eating dog food is really, really bad for them! Cat did on the other hand is supposed to contain mostly meat proteins which the dog can infact digest properly. As long as it doesn't eat to much it isn't to bad

*cat food, not cat did -.- writing on phones at 5am? Not a good idea!

118 is completely right. But adding to that, cats need taurine which is always added into cat food but not necessarily in dog food. Considering most cats are more picky OP could test the cat only to see which it prefers. My cats would never touch dog food. Or if one is bigger in kibble size, I'm sure that's the dog food and not the cat food. Or just call the owner!?!?

Cat food is normally littler and in triangles

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My dog gets the runs if she has cat food

You're the one spelling it wrong fool

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They might eat their own food reguardless of which bowl its in. Some cats are picky though. But when they get hungry enough, they will eventually eat!

Cats are picky but also better at catching their own food. Birds, lizards and rats tend to go down well for cats.

My cat only hunts mosquitos. Spiders too, but he doesn't eat them.

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Yeah, that is so funny! I'm going to do that too some day just to freak people out and confuse them, haha!

So your solution was to leave them out in the cold? That's a bit harsh!!! ( referencing an earlier FML )

OP: "**** it, let them find their own food outside"

Hour 3: Owner dont come yet. Dog keep meowing. I thinking to eat Dog. It cold.

Lol the previous fml you're referring to, the owner had two dogs.. Not a dog and a cat. :3

Usually dogs like cat food better than their own (the higher fat content is tasty! mmm!)Put down both and see which one, erm, Cat goes to. Also, if it's a big dog, there should be a pretty obvious size difference in the kibble...

If dogs like cat food better, shouldn't you be testing with Dog, the cat?

It's impossible to know. You're just going to have to guess.

I think you should be able to tell by the smell. Cat food sometimes smells fishy and dog food, well it smells like dog food.

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Its simple. Call your neighbor and ask him. However, if you don't have his number start calling random numbers and hope you get lucky.

OP: "Hey, sorry to bother but I wanted to ask who gets what food." Owner: "I've already told you, dog food is for cat and cat food is for dog. Just make sure cat eats cat food and dog eats dog food. Don't mess it up!" Problem not solved...

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lets test that out... (111)-111-1111 Nope.. (111)-111-1112 Nope, only about 8 billion more numbers left!

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Because OP can taste the difference...

Cat food is mostly smaller, but I guess it would depend on the dog, I figure Chihuahua food must be smaller bits than food for a german shepheard. Besides I heard loads of stories of dogs eating the cat's food. Cats are more picky. Hope this helps OP