By Noname - United States
Today, I got an email from the local D and D meet up group that the next meeting will be on Feb. 14th. I don't know what is more sad: that the group is meeting on Valentine's Day, or that I have nothing better to do but go. FML
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  LegitDGK  |  0

ur a loser for playing d and d its retarded lol u play a computer game irl it wud be a terrible game if it was on the comp but the way it's played is just fucking gay

  eminarnar  |  0

d & d isn't a computer game, it's like role playing with action figures and it kicks ass. I would play it again but my friends aren't as geeky as me so I'm fucked.

By  OEsEben  |  0

Anyone who says Valentine's day is overrated is probably fat, pathetic or both. Get off of Warhammer and go meet some people who aren't pixels spermburpers.

  NotDave  |  0

I have and have had a girlfriend for a long time. Valentines Day IS overrated. It's a commercial holiday that people use as an apology for not being romantic any other day.

  duke56924903  |  11

Just thought I'd point something out... D&D is a social game that involves playing with other people- yes OTHER REAL PEOPLE- unlike computer games which do not. Not that I'm hating on computer games... It's just that your premise is flawed.

By  kevin_sullivan  |  0

i play dnd..i was a captain of the varsity wrestling team in high school, i have always had a hot girlfriend (and not just hot by my standards..i always dated girls from the dance team), i was an army stud, and im quite popular. you dont have to be a nerd to play a badass have to be a badass! so keep it up!

By  podrummer9209  |  0

Aw = *hug* Don't feel bad. I stayed home and worked on my airsoft guns all day on v-day. I was a little saddened by the fact that getting hit in the eye by a spring guide failed to change the fact that it was the best valentine's I've ever experienced.

By  thekraken  |  0

Right on my fellow nerd! Now my level of nerdosity isn't high enough for me to play D&D, but nevertheless there is nothing wrong with what you're doing. I actually got drunk alone and watched some movies and a bunch of Seinfeld episodes on v-day.

By  Headcase  |  0

At least you're lucky enough to have a D&D group who'll all be in the same place on V day. I've been cut down to four a year because people just go to LANs these days. PC games are killing D&D where I am.