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Today, I got an email from the local D and D meet up group that the next meeting will be on Feb. 14th. I don't know what is more sad: that the group is meeting on Valentine's Day, or that I have nothing better to do but go. FML
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I'm playing D&D on Valentines Day with friends...nothing bad bout that....(though my bf is in the

i would say something but i couldn't understand you so...


I'm playing D&D on Valentines Day with friends...nothing bad bout that....(though my bf is in the

ur a loser for playing d and d its retarded lol u play a computer game irl it wud be a terrible game if it was on the comp but the way it's played is just fucking gay

i would say something but i couldn't understand you so...

d & d isn't a computer game, it's like role playing with action figures and it kicks ass. I would play it again but my friends aren't as geeky as me so I'm fucked.

you could hook up with someone that shows up then

Anyone who says Valentine's day is overrated is probably fat, pathetic or both. Get off of Warhammer and go meet some people who aren't pixels spermburpers.

wait a min D&D isnt warhammer dont get the two mixed up one is gd (warhammer) and one is shit and nerdy (D&D)

I have and have had a girlfriend for a long time. Valentines Day IS overrated. It's a commercial holiday that people use as an apology for not being romantic any other day.

Just thought I'd point something out... D&D is a social game that involves playing with other people- yes OTHER REAL PEOPLE- unlike computer games which do not. Not that I'm hating on computer games... It's just that your premise is flawed.

And your ignorant and annoying..just sayin

D&D or Valentine's day? hell I'd settle for either haha my girlfriend's busy, and my group won't meet consider yourself lucky haha

I had to miss my monthly D&D game on Valentine's Day so I could instead move my house. Yay.

DnD is SWEET, no matter WHAT anyone says, my groups meeting this weekend :)

i play dnd..i was a captain of the varsity wrestling team in high school, i have always had a hot girlfriend (and not just hot by my standards..i always dated girls from the dance team), i was an army stud, and im quite popular. you dont have to be a nerd to play a badass have to be a badass! so keep it up!

One of my good friends actually just moved to La Crosse, WI. Not sure how big the town is but maybe you went to the same school.

Aw = *hug* Don't feel bad. I stayed home and worked on my airsoft guns all day on v-day. I was a little saddened by the fact that getting hit in the eye by a spring guide failed to change the fact that it was the best valentine's I've ever experienced.

Right on my fellow nerd! Now my level of nerdosity isn't high enough for me to play D&D, but nevertheless there is nothing wrong with what you're doing. I actually got drunk alone and watched some movies and a bunch of Seinfeld episodes on v-day.

Do what you love.

u have. a six pack.

At least you're lucky enough to have a D&D group who'll all be in the same place on V day. I've been cut down to four a year because people just go to LANs these days. PC games are killing D&D where I am.