By hcflorence1 - 04/06/2011 17:37 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend went on a date with her mechanic. She said it was to get discounts when she goes in for maintenance. Not only does she not see a problem with it, but she's probably getting discounts on other services too. FML
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Then go on a date with YOUR mechanic and see how she likes it!

emmiep1011 7


That sucks buddy! Maybe you should go out with the manager of a Dillards and say it's okay that you're sleeping with her because your girlfriend will get discounts on clothes. You'd only be helping your girlfriend ;).

And you let her go with him? Love is free but, c'mon man....

Sounds like an excellent idea for a porno, if you ask me 

Tell her how you feel about it.

Why must you comment on every FML saying "that's a shitty situation?"

I love how the OP just assumes that she's getting discounts on other things

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it was a good comment, I would have taken credit for it

tylersign 11

#1 I don't believe that you're actually whiteboy7thst...

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i would make some cheesy joke about the mechanic"check under the hood", "take it for a test drive", "check the trunk", "check the oil" but i dont see how any of that applies here.

OP you are her boyfriend !! well look at the bright side you're getting DISCOUNTS too :)

Olovio 5

Then go on a date with YOUR mechanic and see how she likes it!

glimitless 0

yea..given the large population of female mechanics

TayonaC 10

^ lol right? and how many of them are actually good looking? most are nasty butch looking trannies. -__- unless you like that type of girl....

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2 people who just didn't get #3's joke...

sleep with someone. and then when your girlfriend asks why you did it say that other girl just slept with you so she could get a discount in whatever it is op does. that should put her in her place.

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he said she deserves better? how is that perverted? all you can do is call me a retard?

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double win^ (ehehehehayaheya-kazoo)

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agree if she's that low then put her on the curb

JayBear14 11

35- pretty sure I don't, I'm in a very happy and comfortable relationship. OP on the other hand is with a girl who is loose a couple screws.. hope the mechanic can fix that.

Oh I'm sure the mechanic can fix that

180- I really hope someone moderates your comment.

are you implying ops gf is into tht kinda thing??? ; ) (it's fine if you don't get it...I'm tired,& it's not even that funniii,)

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I also agree. OP, your girlfriend is a dirty liar and stupid for thinking you'd believe that story.

Bigdanish9785 3

get a new girlfriend until she apologizes amd realizes what she did is wrong

You forgot a bit. Fixed it for you: "Get a new girlfriend until she apologizes and realises what she did is wrong, then don't take her back anyway."

lovexbox 8

If you're going to fix a comment the least you could have done is spell correctly.

Where's the spelling mistake? If you're talking about "realises", it's correct in British English... And that was needlessly mean to say, what did they do to you lovexbox?

duckiecrazy 0

hey, car repairs can be expensive. discounts are awesome

do you offer an 'oil and lube' too?

johnnie254 7

think before you speak, bitch..

you know nothing. obviously you don't value honesty!!!

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I'm not gonna lie this comment made me laugh although I would never do that mean crap

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fairygirl is the OPs girlfriend lol