By kareed3 - 19/07/2009 16:43 - United States

Today, I got a letter in the mail about my periodic health assessment for active duty Soldiers. I came back positive for two curable STD's that are extremely common on Fort Polk. I haven't had sex with anyone but my wife. FML
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Ligerie 0

Being a military wife I know most of the women that surround me are ******.....

fretforyerlatte 0

guess the cat's out of the bag?


fretforyerlatte 0

guess the cat's out of the bag?

The pussy is out the sack! *Feels clever*

Unfortunately, that's how a lot of women are these days. And many of them live in Leesville. Well people in general are like that these days...That's really shitty OP.

karafrickenmona 0

165... It's also pretty likely that if they got married that they've been together long enough for at least one of them to have been checked.

skoolsuks 0

oh man. im really sorry 2 hear that. :(

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Seriously; I don't see how this is a YDI at all =/

Ligerie 0

Being a military wife I know most of the women that surround me are ******.....

Blue_Coconuts 7

Yep. That's why I'm gonna start a website called "" Any guy who's wife cheated on him during a deployment may submit his wife and get free membership! So OP, send the pictures my way. Because I know you got em. I still got my ex from before she got knocked up during my deployment.

ChelseaAnn08 0

Yup! I live in the town next to Ft. Riley! You go out to the bars and you see a bunch of war ******. I hate them. They give the rest of the GOOD military wives a bad name! I'm waiting for my soldier to come home, but you don't see me ******* every guy that walks.

ihatestupidppl 0

Blue_Coconuts, I'm surprised that doesn't exist yet. Get on it quick, you're on to something!

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How do people thing he deserves it?

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There's people on here who just YDI everything because they think they're funny...or they're just assholes...or both.

those people clicking YDI to everything are called trolls.

Some people do it to get the badge for voting YDI 500 times too. It's really sad, but you can't stop it.

You might not have screwed someone else, but your ***** of a wife has!

Chaith 16

um_duh, nothing gets by you.

*guess the cat's out of the bag?* Might I suggest you rephrase that into something incorporating the word "pussy"?

fretforyerlatte 0

i thought of that but "guess the pussy's out of the bag" just sounded stupid. any ideas?

evanwilliams 4

well that doesn't make any sense how did you get them then

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AndelleRae 9

See, what happened is while he was sleeping, the magical curable STD fairies came into his tent and sprinkled some magical VD dust all over his body. He woke up none the wiser, until the blood test came in. Boy, what a shock it must have been, being visited by the STD fairies and not even knowing. Sucks for his wife though. She's going to wind up with those fairy diseases.

JackDupp 11

#7 and #5 married to each other?

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7 and 5 are born and married by the same mother :)

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awwww.... someones been crepping while you've been slepping.. FYL

Someone doesn't know how letter doubling works in English.

Join the Slapahoe tribe (yes I know but I think its funny so I repeat it as necessary)